“A bonanza has exploded in North Korea… Great success in the Ukraine war, overflowing with Russian fuel and supplies.”

An analysis has emerged that North Korea is gaining economic and strategic benefits by relying on Russia’s power after the Ukraine War.

According to Yonhap News on the 30th, the expert panel that monitors the implementation of the UN Security Council’s resolution on sanctions against North Korea was unable to extend its term due to Russia’s veto. With Russia’s power behind it, North Korea was able to escape the sanctions surveillance network.

Experts say this is an example that clearly shows that Russia’s perception of North Korea has changed from a security threat to a partner.

In the past, Russia and China viewed North Korea’s nuclear weapons and missiles as a serious challenge to the international non-proliferation system. As a permanent member of the UN Security Council, we participated in sanctions along with the United States.

Russia not only blatantly supports North Korea’s sanctions evasion, but has also become significantly closer to it.

After the North Korea-Russia summit in September last year, there was speculation that Russia would transfer cutting-edge space-related technologies, such as satellites, to North Korea in exchange for weapons such as ammunition and missiles from North Korea.

Currently, Russia has been at war with Ukraine for more than two years and needs large-scale weapons.

North Korea is known to receive supplies, including fuel, from Russia instead of sending weapons to it.

In fact, Russian ships continued to travel between North Korea and Vladivostok last year carrying containers.

The NYT introduced that the panel produced satellite images of ship oil transport between North Korea and Russia, showing how the war in Ukraine created a ‘bonanza’ for North Korea.

The NYT explained, “It presented vivid evidence of how Russia keeps fuel and other materials flowing into North Korea.”

Termination of panel activities does not eliminate sanctions themselves, but it gives North Korea some breathing room to violate sanctions.

The NYT explained that dismantling Russia’s North Korea sanctions monitoring network is creating a new area to ease pressure on North Korea.

For North Korean Chairman Kim Jong-un, the relationship he has worked hard to build with Russia has paid off.

In addition, it is expected that the closer relationship between Russia and North Korea will accelerate, with sanctions violations becoming more blatant and North Korea-Russia trade increasing.

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