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If you look at the recently released smartphone and tablet charging cables, they look different from before. It is made of silicone material that has a soft touch and flexibility, so it is not only durable, but overmolding is applied to prevent disconnection. It can be used anywhere and in various forms as it is suitable for use as a main unit.

Today, I would like to introduce the Artmu Silky USB Type C to Lightning cable that has received Apple MFi official certification. Let’s find out what makes it stand out compared to existing products and what stands out when actually using it.

This product is Artmu’s representative charging cable and stands out for its high quality and functionality, different from previously introduced products. It is available in the basic colors of black and grey, as well as pink, blue and green, and has cable lengths ranging from a minimum of 50cm to a maximum of 2m.

It is a look that cannot be found in products with a single color, and you can choose the length and color according to the environment or style you usually use.

Each product comes with a color-matching silicone cable strap as standard. It is useful for organizing and storing after use or adjusting the length.

Since it is provided as a basic option rather than a separate option, it stands out from other products.

Artmu Silky USB Type C to Lightning cable, unlike commonly found compatible products, has received official Apple MFi certification. Instead of the commonly used C48 chip with the gold terminal, a C94 chip with ruthenium plating was used to improve durability and prevent corrosion.

The chip is produced and supplied directly from factories other than Apple’s Foxconn, and only certified brands can manufacture it, providing a unique quality.

A stainless steel overmolding design was applied to prevent disconnection and minimize electromagnetic waves. As the design is reflected, the overall durability is excellent and it can be manufactured slim.

Thanks to its slim terminal size, it can be used in any case without interference. When connecting an iPhone 12 Pro equipped with a thick jelly case, it is noticeable that it connects neatly without any jamming

Liquid silicone rubber material provides soft touch and flexibility. When you touch or bend the product, it does not bend too much and has a good grip so it fits naturally into your hand.

When connecting to a PC to back up data with iTunes or charging by connecting to a charging adapter, you can feel the comfort that cannot be found with a typical Lightning cable.

USB C type is used instead of the commonly used USB A type, making it convenient to connect with recently released adapters. Supports PD fast charging, enabling the feature when used with a USB PD compatible adapter.

You can minimize battery concerns by using it when you need fast charging in a short period of time or when watching high-definition video on OTT services.

Connect to a charging adapter that supports PD 3.0 and check the output status. Since the battery status is not below 50%, you can check the normal fast charging status rather than fast charging. When connected to a USB tester, it displays 4.89V 2.38A 11.64W and operates stably.

Since it is officially certified by Apple MFi, no matter what type of connection it is connected to, there will be no issues with cable recognition. Since you can use OTT services while comfortably charging, it is convenient for watching entertainment or dramas on the sofa after work.

Since it charges reliably, you don’t have to worry about the battery running out even if you watch multiple episodes related to the Jeon Hyun-moo Plan on the Wave you normally use.

It is suitable for use by connecting to not only iPhone but also iPad. Recently released products are USB C type, but older models such as the 9th generation iPad use the Lightning standard, so connecting a cable that conforms to that standard is essential.

There are no authentication issues when connecting, and fast charging occurs, making it convenient for watching YouTube videos or Netflix videos.

Artmu Silky USB Type C to Lightning Cable is officially Apple MFi certified, so it shows a look that cannot be found in ordinary products. It creates a perfect appearance in terms of device recognition and supports PD charging, making it suitable for using video content with a long running time.

Although the recent trend is changing to C type, if you look at Apple-related devices, the Lightning standard is used in a high proportion. If you want a product that is both highly durable and comfortable to use, please join us.

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