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(Data provided by: Sega Publishing Korea)

Sega Publishing Korea announced that the action puzzle game , which can be enjoyed through the Apple App Store’s subscription service ‘Apple Arcade’, was released today (5th).

Apple Arcade is a subscription game service that allows unlimited enjoyment of a collection of over 200 premium games. Games are added regularly, and you can play new releases, award-winning titles, and popular titles from the App Store. Apple Arcade games can be played without advertising or additional payments, and can be played on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV. Additionally, Family Sharing allows you to share subscription services with up to five family members.

is a new title in the puzzle game masterpiece ‘Puyo Puyo’ series. Let’s play a full-scale Puyo Puyo battle anytime, anywhere where you can feel the excitement of chaining with a simple operation of connecting 4 or more Puyos of the same color and erasing them.

It contains 7 different types of rules, including the existing rules of and , as well as and .

In this title, there is not only an online battle called ‘You and Me Puyo Puyo’ that can be played with up to 4 people, but also a variety of modes that can be enjoyed alone. ‘Adventure Mode’ where you can enjoy a completely new story, ‘Infinite’ where you can play alone aiming for a high score, ‘Lesson’ mode where you can learn ‘Puyo Puyo’ rules and techniques, and your own ‘comic demo’. It’s full of fun, including the ‘photo mode’ where you can create pictures, so be sure to give it a try.

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