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Lim Soo-hyang of ‘Beauty and the Pure Man’ began to have doubts about Ji Hyun-woo’s identity.

In the KBS 2TV weekend drama ‘Beauty and the Pure Man’ that aired on the 6th, Gong Jin-dan (Go Yoon) revealed his feelings for Park Do-ra (Im Soo-hyang), and Go Pil-seung (Ji Hyun-woo) and Park Do-ra seemed to have become closer.

Park Do-ra asked Go Pil-seung, “Have we seen you somewhere before?” and Go Pil-seung responded that he had a common face. The late Pil-seung tells Park Do-ra that he is hiding the fact that he used to be an old man. As Park Do-ra turned around, Go Pil-seung said, “I feel uncomfortable because you keep pretending not to know. “Do I even have to say it now?” he muttered.

Meanwhile, the Gongjindan sent a bouquet of flowers and wine to Park Do-ra. Park Do-ra seemed annoyed and told Baek Mi-ja (Cha Hwa-yeon) to take care of this. Baek Mija said, “What kind of person are you to give all your attention to our Dora? I guess it’s strange. Maybe, no way. “Are you personally interested in Dora?” he said, shaking his head.

Gongjindan once again sent a bouquet of flowers and a luxury bag to Dora Park. Accordingly, Baek Mi-ja took Park Do-ra to meet Gongjindan. Gongjindan glanced at her Dora Park and smiled happily. Gongjindan said, “I have been a fan of Park Do-ra for a long time. “I think she’s seen all the dramas that have come out since she was a child,” she said, expressing her affection. Baek Mi-ja thought, “It seems like he is interested in our Dora,” and she was happy.

Gong Jin-dan, who returned to the company, said, “I am shaking from all kinds of appearances. They must have noticed that I was nervous. Oh, I’m embarrassed. But Park Do-ra was really pretty,” she said, showing regret for her actions.

Meanwhile, Park Do-ra made loud and small noises with her co-star Cha Bong-soo (Kang Seong-min) on the set of the drama ‘Straight Melody’. Park Do-ra and Cha Bong-su got into a fight, which eventually led to slaps and physical fights, leading to a situation where filming was halted.

Go Pil-seung visited Do-ra Park and persuaded him that it would be good for him to go to Cha Bong-soo and apologize in order to resume filming the drama. Park Do-ra said that she understood, saying, “Now that I think about it, I think I did something wrong too. I will apologize to Cha Bong-su. But Cha Bong-soo’s brother insulted me and came at me to hit me. “I wish the assistant director would go with me to the apology,” he said.

Park Do-ra and Cha Bong-su eventually resolved their misunderstanding and reconciled, and Park Do-ra expressed her gratitude to Go Pil-seung who stayed by her side.

Do-ra Park was eating ice cream that Go Pil-seung bought her and said, “‘I have a lot of hair.’ That’s something my older brother said a long time ago. I guess my brother is doing well. What does he do for a living? Why do I vaguely think of Director Pogeul when I see him? I guess it’s because my hair style is very similar to my brother’s. Gaman, Go Dae-chung, Go Pil-seung. what. He began to doubt his identity, saying, “The Go family is like a saint.”

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