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– BenQ Naver Brand Store, BenQ Online Company Mall exclusively launched (4.4~4.14)
– A 20,000 won Shinsegae gift certificate will be given to all customers who purchase during the event period.

(smartPC Love = Reporter Baekhyun Lee) Global IT brand BenQ (Branch Manager: So Yoon-seok) is holding a second pre-order sale event for its monitor lighting product ‘Screen Bar Halo’.

BenQ Screen Bar Halo, which has been consistently loved since its launch in October last year, is a new product in the BenQ Screen Bar series that adds the first rear indirect lighting Halo light to BenQ monitor lighting.

Following the recent pre-sale event that sold out early during the Lunar New Year holiday, this second pre-sale event, which will be held from April 4 to April 14, will give a 20,000 won Shinsegae gift certificate to all customers who purchase during the period. Screen Bar Halos purchased during the event period will be shipped sequentially after April 16th, and products will be shipped in batches after April 25th for confirmed purchases.

BenQ Screen Bar Halo is a monitor light equipped with BenQ eye care technology, which leads the eye care display market. The asymmetrical optical design brightly illuminates the desk without diffuse reflections from the monitor screen. The installation of a flicker-free IC chip eliminates subtle flickering, and it also received certification for blue light harmlessness from the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). When BenQ’s unique automatic brightness control function is activated, the brightness of the desk is automatically adjusted to 500Lx, the US national standard for office illumination, by measuring the surrounding brightness.

The brightness can be adjusted in 15 levels up to a maximum of 1000 lux, and the color temperature can be adjusted in 8 levels, from warm light of 2700K to cold white light of 6500K. The halo light, which is an indirect lighting at the back, can blink separately or simultaneously with the front lighting, creating an atmospheric space. Brightness and color temperature can be finely adjusted with a dial-type wireless controller.

Lee Sang-hyeon, head of the BenQ marketing team, said, “The screen bar Halo, which sold out early ahead of the Lunar New Year holiday last February, has once again run out of stock, so we are holding a pre-order event. “That is why so many people have recognized the value of Halo, a screen bar that differentiates itself from other copycat products from other companies’ copycat products, including not only the lighting’s original function, but also eye protection function verified by a global certification agency, user convenience function, and excellent finish,” he said. “To express our gratitude, we are once again holding an event where we will give away 20,000 won Shinsegae gift certificates to all customers who purchase, so please do not miss this opportunity.”

This event will be held at BenQ’s online mall and Naver Brand Store, and more details about the event can be found on BenQ Korea’s official blog.

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