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On the 5th (local time), U.S. Secretary of State Tony Blinken gave a positive assessment of Israel’s announcement to expand the import of relief goods following the accidental explosion of a relief truck, but said that “results” are important.

At a press conference held in Leuven, Belgium, on this day, Secretary Blinken responded to a question about the Israeli government’s announcement of an expansion of relief channels, saying, “I welcome the measures announced by Israel,” and “It is a positive development, but the real test is the results and we will look forward to the future.” “I expect to be able to confirm that in the coming days and weeks.”

Secretary Blinken said it is very important to know whether humanitarian aid is actually being delivered to people who need it throughout the Gaza Strip, whether bottlenecks and other delays are being resolved, and whether there is a system in place to ensure that humanitarian aid deliverers can provide support safely. “This needs to be measured by results again,” he said.

He said he would look at the continued number of trucks entering and moving into Gaza and said he was “very concerned about some factors, including the fact that almost 100 percent of the population (in northern Gaza) is experiencing extreme food insecurity, which is an indicator of potential famine.” He pointed out.

“We will be looking closely to see if this (famine situation) is reversed,” he said. “The proof is in the results, and we will see that unfold in the coming days and weeks.”

Secretary Blinken also said, “It is also very important to see an independent, thorough, and fully open investigation” regarding the accidental explosion of a relief vehicle by the World Central Kitchen (WCK), an international relief organization in Israel.

“We look forward to seeing that investigation and public explanation and accountability,” he said.

As pressure from the international community grew due to the accidental bomb incident, the Israeli government decided to temporarily open the southern port of Ashdod this morning to transport humanitarian goods and again allow passage through the Erez crossing in the northern Gaza Strip.

The day before, in a phone call with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, US President Joe Biden warned that if immediate measures were not taken to protect civilians, the US would change its policy of actively supporting Israel.

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