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BTS J-Hope’s ‘HOPE ON THE STREET VOL.1’ preview cut / Photo = Big Hit Music

BTS J-Hope set a new record on the US Billboard chart.

According to a chart preview article posted by Billboard, an American music media outlet, on its official website on the 8th, BTS J-Hope’s special album ‘HOPE ON THE STREET VOL.1’, released on the 29th of last month, topped the main album chart. It entered 5th place on the Billboard 200 (as of April 13). This is the highest ranking on the ‘Billboard 200’ for a solo album released by J-Hope.

This album sold 44,000 albums, 4,000 SEA units (sales converted to the number of streaming sessions), and 2,000 TEA units (sales converted to the number of digital music downloads).

J-Hope also became the only K-pop solo singer to have two works (albums) in a row enter the top 10 of the ‘Billboard 200’. ‘Jack In The Box’, released as a Weverse album in 2022, ranked 17th on this chart, and the following year, when this album was reissued as a physical album, it ranked 6th on the ‘Billboard 200’. This time, ‘Hope on the Street VOL.1’ entered 5th place.

Meanwhile, ‘Hope on the Street VOL.1’ is an album that contains J-Hope’s identity and original intention based on ‘street dance’, his artistic roots. J-Hope is recording a ‘career high’ with his new album, ranking 38th on the latest UK Official Album Chart.

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