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Building shakes due to unusual 4.8 earthquake in New York, UN meeting halted – MBC News VRESP TODAY

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A magnitude 4.8 earthquake occurred near New York, USA, which is lined with high-rise buildings.

Although there was no major damage, residents were more anxious because it was a place where earthquakes rarely occurred.

The sudden tremor caused chaos, with the UN meeting being halted at one point.

Correspondent Lim Kyung-ah reports from New York.

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UN Security Council meeting hall.

The broadcast screen shakes while reporting on the children’s crisis in the Gaza Strip.

″Shall we continue?″

I attempted to continue my remarks, but the meeting was temporarily halted due to the ensuing vibration.

″Is this an earthquake?″

At the same time, in a New Jersey home, items fell from shelves and people leisurely getting their haircuts stopped in shock.

″It goes on, it goes on.″

At approximately 10:23 a.m. local time on Friday, a magnitude 4.8 earthquake occurred in Hunterdon County, New Jersey, about 60 km from Manhattan, New York City.

As it occurred in a relatively shallow area at a depth of 4.7km, tremors were felt not only in Manhattan but also in Boston, which is over 350km away.

Since earthquakes are not common here in the northeastern United States, local media outlets also published emergency news.

In particular, based on New York City and New Jersey, it was said to be the largest earthquake that occurred in 140 years since 1884.

Since it is a place full of high-rise buildings and there was a recent strong earthquake in Taiwan, citizens’ anxiety was even greater.

(Roy Maxwell)
″I called my father and sister and they were also safe. Overall, it was a bit scary. The initial earthquake was felt and lasted approximately 30 to 45 seconds.″

Although there was no major damage, aircraft takeoffs and landings were temporarily suspended at New York’s JFK International Airport, and traffic in some tunnels was also temporarily halted for inspection.

This is Lim Kyung-ah from MBC News in New York.

Video coverage: Ahn Jeong-gyu (New York) / Video editing: Kim Chang-gyu

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