Call of Duty Season 3 and Diablo IV ray tracing support, NVIDIA Game Ready Driver 552.12 released – Bodnara VRESP

2024-04-05 11:01
̻ȣ [email protected]

̹ 552.12 ۵Ǿ.

̹ Ƽ 3 Ƽ 3, ƺ IV ֽ Ʈ̽ Ʈ ٽ̴. ̵ ȣ Ʈ Resizable BAR ̽ ذǾ.



AMD Zen5 Zen4 40% ̻ ?

ି 3 ƺ IV Ʈ̽ , ̹ 552.12

ƿ XZ Utils SSH ȭ 鵵 ߰


MSI MAG Z790 丶ȣũ Ϻ ǰ Ĩ ũ ľ ȯ ǽ

÷ йȣ , 6 Ȯ

18 ̹ Ʈ ‘Razer Blade 18 (2024)’

MS , ִ RAM 뷮 ׽Ʈ

ି 3 ƺ IV Ʈ̽ , ̹ 552.12


USB 3.2 Gen2x2 ְ SSD, ADATA Elite SE880 1TB

׷ ߾! QHD VGA, 󵥿 RX 7900 GRE vs RTX 4070 Super

ǿ Ǵ 5GHz AP, ipTIME Outdoor-A900


ϴ B200/GB200/GB200 NVL72,(PC ѹ̶ GҴٸ)

Ͻ Ʈ ǿ Ʈ,MSI 14H D13MG-i9

8Ʈ ˳ ⰡƮ Ʈũ , ipTIME T5008SE

a | PC
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