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“Can’t it be broadcast?” It’s embarrassing… Pantsless look that is difficult for people to see (Running Man)

Members of SBS’ ‘Running Man’ show off pantless looks with shocking visuals.

Previously, in order to carry out the ‘hips are rising’ race penalty, Yoo Jae-seok, Kim Jong-kook, Haha, and Yang Se-chan opened the race wearing a ‘pantsless look’ at the recent recording opening.

First, Yoo Jae-seok paid homage to luxury brand fashion, but was reminiscent of children’s clothing. Kim Jong-kook proved his strong presence by matching his lower body, which showed off his clear muscle lines, with a leather jacket. The members expressed their admiration, saying, “This is my first time seeing Jongkook like this!” and “I only saw him in my imagination…” Haha summoned a queen from the past, and the youngest member, Yang Se-chan, devastated the scene by wearing a ‘soft tofu beast look’ that revealed his white belly.

Ji Seok-jin wore an old money look and said, “What a weirdo! While being evaluated as a “geek,” Song Ji-hyo perfectly pulled off the geek chic look and became a top fashion student.

The members took on the challenge of shooting a new poster in this fashion. The members were embarrassed, saying, “I don’t think this can be used on TV,” and “Wearing only a top is the worst!”

However, shocking news came that they had to walk around the streets wearing pantless clothes. It is said that the citizens watching the unique sight of thigh wrestling in the middle of the street were shocked and asked, “Why are their clothes like that?”

The pantsless look poster shooting site for ‘Running Man’ will be revealed on ‘Running Man’, which airs at 6:15 pm on Sunday the 7th.

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