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TAP AND THUMB GAMES has achieved a new 1st place in the casual game category of the Google Play Store. The cat jumping adventure game ‘CAT JEM’, released on the 13th, is a new 1st place and popular in the casual game category of the Google Play Store It is cruising along, ranked 31st on the game charts.

‘Cat Jam’ progresses as the main character cat ‘Jam Cat’ clears each stage to save his friend who has been kidnapped by the devil. A major feature of this game is that you can control the character through swipe gestures that draw lines on the screen with your finger, rather than a typical button-tapping jump action game.

In addition, the characters, platforms, stages, etc. are diversely configured to provide a higher level of fun than existing jump action games. You can enjoy the 4 stages ‘Goseong’, ‘Pyramid’, ‘World Tree’, and ‘Brutal Cold’ with over 30 different cat characters. In addition, novel scaffolding such as ‘thorn scaffolding’, ‘broken scaffolding’, and ‘spring scaffolding’ added a sense of thrill to the game.

‘Cat Jam’ users can also enjoy ‘mode’ content. ‘RUSH’ mode’, which competes to see who jumped the highest; ‘Peek-a-boo mode’, which borrows the rules from the game ‘The Rose of Sharon has Bloomed’; ‘Infinite mode’, which climbs infinitely; ‘Acceleration mode’, which climbs even faster; It consists of a ‘boss mode’ that is much more difficult than the existing stage boss. In the future, real-time height competition PVP content will also be introduced.

Meanwhile, famous gaming YouTuber ‘Mingmo’ recently uploaded a review video of ‘Cat Jam’. By playing Cat Jam in person, we introduced the game background, controls, and ranking system, and honestly evaluated its strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, Mingmo played the ‘Rose of Sharon has bloomed’ mode and said, “The game was really well made. He gave a favorable review, saying, “It’s cute and well made.”

An official from Tap & Some Games said, “Thanks to the support of users, ‘Cat Jam’ has ranked first in the casual game category of the Google Play Store and 31st on the popular game chart.” He added, “We will hold stage and PVP games in the future to repay the interest and love.” We plan to update various elements, including adding modes. In addition, it is scheduled to be released on the Apple App Store in April.”

Reporter Lee Byung-hoon [email protected]

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