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Condemns government fossil fuel subsidies

City streets blocked and protest marches

Climate activist Greta Thunberg (second from right) is being arrested by police in The Hague, Netherlands, on the 6th (local time). EPAYonhap News

Climate activist Greta Thunberg was arrested by local police in the Netherlands on the 6th (local time) while protesting against the government’s fossil fuel subsidies.

According to AFP, from 12 noon on this day, Thunberg and the climate activist group ‘Extinction Rebellion’ blocked and marched on Route 12 leading to the parliament building in downtown The Hague.

This protest was held to convey the demands of environmental groups ahead of government discussions on fossil fuel subsidies to be held in June. They demanded that subsidies and tax breaks be stopped for companies related to fossil fuels, such as oil company Royal Dutch Shell and airline KLM.

“You can’t stop us,” protestors said. They took to the streets shouting, “A better world is possible.” They held up banners that read, “This is a dead end” and “Stop supporting fossil fuels.”

“Today’s protest is important because we live in a global emergency,” Thunberg told AFP. “We must do everything to prevent someone from losing their life and livelihood to the climate crisis and becoming a climate refugee.”

However, Thunberg and other climate activists were soon arrested by police officers deployed to the scene. The police announced that all protestors who attempted to block the road that day were arrested.

Afterwards, Thunberg said, “The arrest is not important. “I came here for the climate,” he told the Dutch news agency ANP, saying the arrests took place “quietly.”

In October last year, Thunberg was arrested and put on trial on charges of violating the Public Order Act after failing to follow police instructions while protesting in front of a hotel in London, England, but was found not guilty in February of this year.

In June of last year, he was indicted on charges of disobeying police orders in his home country of Malmo, Sweden, and was sentenced to a fine of 1,500 kronor (about 180,000 won).

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