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‘Same Bed, Different Dreams 2’. Photo l SBS broadcast screen capture

‘Same Bed, Different Dreams 2’ Oh Jeong-tae boasted of his chemistry with his wife.

In the SBS entertainment program ‘Same Bed, Different Dreams 2 – You Are My Destiny’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Same Bed, Different Dreams 2’), which aired on the 1st, the daily lives of Oh Jeong-tae and Baek A-young were broadcast.

On this day, as soon as Taegeun Kim woke up, he started the morning by opening the delivery box. The identity of the delivery is a kitchen play set. Jin-yi Yoon, who had been working out, saw Tae-geun Kim opening a delivery box and pointed out, “What if I clean it up at the table? I’m doing it while eating.”

Yunjin said, “After I got married, we fought a lot because of that. It’s a habit, oppa. “Even if I say that more than 10 times,” he said.

The two had a disagreement over their daughter’s toys. Yunjin said, “Isn’t this for 3 year olds? Can not be done. It’s now 11 months old, so why are you taking out something for a 3 year old? “Return it,” he said.

In response, Kim Tae-geun argued, “They say it is good for brain development if you do it from the time you turn,” and added, “Why do we need to educate our children quickly when they learn English before they go to elementary school?”

Yunjin said, “I keep buying a lot of toys. “I have something I need,” he said, expressing regret. Kim Gu-ra, who was looking at the situation, said, “It’s not yours, you bought it for your child, so if you frown there, there’s room for argument.”

Jin-yi Yun said, “I tend to think about it for a long time before buying something. Can it be used for a long time? “I think about it for a long time, but it seems like my brother tells me to do it when he says, ‘You look okay,’” he revealed. Taegeun Kim countered this by saying, “I also looked at a lot of apps and put a lot of effort into buying apps that had good reviews.”

The war of nerves between the two continued with no end in sight, and was stopped for a moment when Kim Tae-geun’s parents came to the house. Afterwards, the parents-in-law took Yun Jin-i’s side, and Kim Tae-geun was left in a lonely(?) 4:1 fight.

Afterwards, the father-in-law said, “Dad, you are a beginner. Mom’s beginner. When you’re a beginner, your hands don’t work properly. Each of her has her own clumsy side, but she also has her share of complaints. “As time goes by, each person develops techniques and the combination becomes more consistent, and communication becomes better,” he said.

Kim Tae-geun’s father, who boasted a brilliant speech, said, “When I was young, I worked at a magazine company for 15 years, but when a new newspaper company was founded, I became the director.” He continued, “Afterwards, I worked as an executive director at ‘CNB News’ for 15 years. “He worked in the media for 46 years,” he explained.

He revealed that he even had modeling experience and said, “I was cast on the street for an OB beer advertisement. “After the advertisement went out, the response was so good that it even appeared in magazine advertisements for Daewoo Motors, Gyeongnam Pharmaceuticals, and Bukwang Pharmaceuticals,” he added.

When the parents took their daughter out, Kim Tae-geun changed into Japanese chef clothes and prepared sushi. He said, “If I am at a point where I have a second life later, I want to do (Sushi King). So, whenever I have time, I try to learn a little by making it at home,” he said, expressing his love for sushi. Yunjin said, “My brother loves sushi so much. “He really likes sushi philosophy and stuff like that.”

He showed his sincerity starting with the rice and prepared it with great care by carefully adding the air-transported beef stew. Taegeun Kim raised Yunjin’s expectations by taking out aged raw fish, various types of raw fish, uni, caviar, and even raw horseradish from the refrigerator. After tasting the sushi, Yunjin continued to admire the sushi and praised it, saying, “It’s so delicious in your mouth.”

Baek A-young prepared a meal for Oh Jeong-tae, who returned home late after the event. Then, when she saw the clothes lying around, she started nagging her, saying, “You have such bad habits.” She went on to mention non-payment of living expenses and said, “I don’t like it when I don’t keep my appointments. “She never put it in beforehand,” she said.

In response, Oh Jeong-tae said, “The thing that honey does to me is that she does it 2-3 days before receiving living expenses. “If you give it to me quickly, won’t you have less time to be nice to me?” he joked. At the same time, he added, “My wife keeps abusing me, but I am abusing her once again.”

Afterwards, the conflict between the two continued over their children’s education. “Her wife took me with her thinking I would be the lowest, but I was the highest,” said Oh Jeong-tae, referring to her past intelligence test. “She was the lowest wife,” she revealed. She continued, “Her wife also has a real estate agent’s license. She also came out of the tax department and trusted her wife (?). “But I have the lowest intelligence,” he joked.

Baek Ah-young began to wash Oh Jeong-tae, who was roughly washing it.. After putting Oh Jeong-tae in the bathtub, she scrubbed away the dirt, and Seo Jang-hoon, who was watching him, said, “That’s a lot of love. “Where is the wife who pushes me to the end?” he exclaimed. The bathtub was full of old water, and Oh Sang-jin said, “I only wear it at home, but it turns gray? “Is the house that clean?” he said, looking shocked.

Suddenly, Oh Jeong-tae went to the bathroom of the apartment complex without even drying his hair. He said, “When my wife is cleaning, I go in and do some errands,” and added, “The other bathroom is not the one I use. If I run errands there, I get upset. I’m going to flush that toilet. “That toilet is for my precious daughters,” he explained.

Oh Jeong-tae said, “We also had a physical fight. The toilet in the master bedroom was broken, so I had it repaired, but my stomach hurt so much. My daughters wanted a toilet so I went to the mall. “(The commercial bathroom) feels like home,” he said with a laugh.

Regarding the event fee, Oh Jeong-tae said, “It’s a rubber band. The moment this is made public, protests come in. I can’t make it public, but I will satisfy you by paying 2-3 times more than the event fee. “We will show you the best event,” he appealed.

Meanwhile, the SBS entertainment program ‘Same Bed, Different Dreams 2 – You Are My Destiny’ looks at the sweet lives of couples in various fields from the perspective of a man and a woman, and the meaning of meeting the other half of one’s destiny and the value of two people living together. This is a program that examines.

(Park Jeong-su, Star Today guest reporter)

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