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‘Shinbaram Dr. Choi’ Interview with Younggwan Choi
Received attention as the king of high notes in ‘I Can See You 2’
Consistently a hot topic online for 9 years
Korea Water Resources Corporation → Transfer to the Constitutional Court
Recently released a remake of Seo Moon-tak’s song
“Singing is another me… I want to release a new song”

About 9 years ago, on Mnet’s ‘I Can See Your Voice 2’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘I Can See Your Voice 2’), a contestant from Force, an extremely ordinary office worker wearing glasses, appeared. He was dressed in a neat suit, had a simple atmosphere, and his posture while holding the microphone was somewhat awkward. The panelists speculated that he might not be a talented singer, saying things like, “It’s his posture to sing while having a drink at a dinner party,” and “It seems like he doesn’t know the poses of singers.”

But a few minutes later, the studio was in chaos. As soon as the man opened his mouth, a high-pitched sound that pierced the sky erupted. Seo Moon-tak chose to sing ‘Love, Never Fades’ and surprised everyone with his sharp yet accurate high notes from the beginning.

The stage video is still being talked about by many people even after 9 years. The number of views for the reprocessed clips, including the video posted on the official YouTube channel of ‘You Can See Me 2’, was well over 10 million. What’s surprising is that every year from 2015 to 2024, he consistently sings, “He’s the ultimate high-pitched singer,” “He’s not just a good singer, he’s like the original singer,” “My ‘You’re the Voice’ is the #1 all-time legend,” and “I never get tired of listening to it.” Netizen comments are continuing.

In particular, Choi Young-gwan (49), who appeared on broadcast under the name of ‘Dr. Choi Shinbaram’, became a hot topic as he was known to have five technician certifications.

‘Dr. Choi Shinbaram’ Choi Young-gwan / Photo = Yoo Chae-young, reporter

I recently met with Choi at the Constitutional Court in Jongno-gu, Seoul.

He was working at the Korea Water Resources Corporation at the time of his broadcast appearance, and then moved to the Constitutional Court, where he is now working as a technical secretary. He has worked at the Constitutional Court for eight years and received a commendation from the Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court and a commendation from the Minister of Science, Technology and Information. Since March of this year, he has also been lecturing at night as a special professor at the Department of IT Convergence at Seoul Theological University.

Even in the midst of his busy schedule, Choi had an unwavering ‘passion for music’ in his heart. She runs a YouTube channel (non-monetized account) and uploads various cover videos, and last month she also released a remake of ‘Love, Never Fades’.

He said, “When I saw the music uploaded on the music site, my wife said, ‘It’s the honor of the family.’ My whole family was amazed and loved it. My friends from high school and college called me ‘Yeonbanin (celebrity + ordinary person).’ I don’t do anything related to music. “It’s an unfamiliar and special event, so people around me say they congratulate me a lot,” he said.

He then recalled the time when he received a proposal to release a remake music, and said, “It was really good. Doing YouTube was a new experience for me, but recording music was of a different level, from the equipment to the engineers. Even while I was working, I often said thank you to the person who suggested it.”

The email address used by Choi was ‘music’. A guitar and a headset were also drawn on the cell phone case. He is currently not doing any notable music activities other than YouTube because he is concentrating on his day job, but he expressed, “Singing is another part of me.”

Working as a vocalist for the Sungkyunkwan University metal band club ‘Bloodline’ in May 1995 / Photo = Provided by the applicant
Office worker band activities / Photo = Provided by the person
Singing at the 2019 Constitutional Court Foundation Anniversary Concert / Photo = Provided by the applicant

He started singing as a vocalist for Sungkyunkwan University’s metal band club ‘Bloodline’ in 1994, and also formed an in-house band ‘Kwater Band’ at the Korea Water Resources Corporation. In 2015, she participated in the KBS Workers’ Song Festival and won the gold medal by singing ‘Forbidden Love’. His wife also met in the Sungkyunkwan University band.

Mr. Choi said, “I have been singing in a band since I was a college student. That’s how singing naturally became a part of my life. I met my wife at the college band club, and my child also grew up watching me sing from the time he was born.” “I am a powerful weapon that expresses the person I am,” he emphasized.

When asked if there was a change in her voice that she felt while releasing the song this time, she said, “As I get older, my voice definitely doesn’t come out as well. I can’t control it well,” and added, “The ability of my voice has decreased, but this time, I had time to practice, so I listened carefully and sang with care. “He laughed.

Middle-aged people who have seen Choi’s video are responding by saying, “It’s my dream.” In response, he said, “I am grateful. While working, everyone does not have time to pursue hobbies, and I am so busy performing my role. When I do that, I lose myself, but when I see myself singing, I think, ‘That person has dreams even when he gets older. “I think he was thinking, ‘You’re maintaining it?’” he said.

However, he confessed, “I studied to survive. I tried not to fall behind.” Naturally, we moved on to talking about specifications.

Mr. Choi holds Korea’s highest national technical qualifications: Firefighting Engineer, Dispatch and Distribution Engineer, Architectural Electrical Equipment Engineer, American Electrical Engineer, and American Firefighting Engineer. According to data from the Human Resources Development Service of Korea, the average passing rates for the past three years for the first exam for firefighting engineer, dispatch and distribution engineer, and architectural electrical equipment engineer are 1.2%, 1.4%, and 2.1%, respectively.

He said he decided to get a technician license after getting a job. He laughed and said, “Who in the world would want to study?” He continued, “I thought I should get a license because I thought I could work in a better environment. They said it would be good to have a technician’s license to get a job, so I got it. When I got a job, they said it would be good to have a technician’s license. I think that’s how I continued to connect to upgrade.”

As a ‘technical secretary of the Constitutional Court’, he describes his work as “overseeing tasks such as building facilities and construction management to create a work environment in which the Constitutional Court can carry out its original mission of protecting the Constitution and guaranteeing the basic rights of the people.” introduced.

He added, “Recently, we have established a comprehensive plan to significantly improve the environment of the 32-year-old government building and are concentrating on securing the budget. We are also overseeing the Constitutional Justice Research Institute’s integrated office building construction project.”

When asked about his future life plans, he answered, “My first goal is to faithfully perform my job, my job, and the role given to me at work and with my family.”

After completing his full-time job once a week, he also lectures on computer architecture as a special professor for 2 hours and 30 minutes at night. “In my 20s, I was anxious because I had to find a job, and in my 30s, if I had just run to develop myself, I would have been 40.” “From the time I was in my teens, I began to look around me. I thought I should give what I know to the best of my ability,” he said.

Regarding music activities, he said he had a ‘dream’.

“About two years ago, I said in an interview that I wanted to release a song, and that dream has come true. If I get the chance, I would like to go one step further than a remake song and release a song as an original songwriter. For my dream to come true someday, I will continue to sing little by little and improve my voice. “We are refining it.”

Kim Soo-young, reporter [email protected]

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