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“Strengthening local monitoring… Ensuring safety management through guidance”

While a magnitude 7.4 earthquake occurred in Taiwan, it has been determined that there have been no cases of damage to Korean citizens who traveled through domestic travel agencies to date.

On the 3rd, Hana Tour announced that it has been determined that no Korean tourists have suffered damage from the strong earthquake in Taiwan so far.

Yellow Balloon and Teacher Tour also reported that no separate damage cases were counted.

At 7:58 a.m. on this day, a magnitude 7.4 earthquake occurred 7 km southeast of Hualien, a city in eastern Taiwan, and part of the area was closed.

The Hualien region is a famous city for travelers due to the Taroko Gorge, a popular tourist destination.

However, travel agencies explained that the ratio of permanent customers is not high as many people use Taipei or Taichung as their base and visit Hualien on a day trip.

Travel agencies are replacing Hualien visit itineraries with other itineraries while strengthening local safety management.

A Hana Tour official said, “We plan to exclude this from travel products that include a Hualien tour itinerary.

He explained, “There is no damage to major tourist destinations such as Taipei,” and “We plan to strengthen safety management through guides.”

A Kyowon Tour official said, “The local team has decided to completely replace the Hualien itinerary this week,” and added, “Travelers scheduled to depart this weekend will undergo a local safety inspection before deciding whether to move.”

A Yellow Balloon official explained, “We are informing of schedule changes,” and “We are strengthening local monitoring to ensure that customers do not suffer any damage.”

In some Taiwanese travel cafes, posts are continuously being posted asking whether they should cancel their trip to Taiwan.

One traveler said, “I canceled my 7-day travel itinerary that leaves tomorrow. There was a lot of penalty because the accommodations could not be canceled and the airfare was at a special price, but I felt anxious about the whole trip, so I put it off.”

However, travel agencies said that there are not many cancellation inquiries yet.

A Kyowon Tour official said, “We have not received any cancellation inquiries until the morning,” and added, “If we receive inquiries in the afternoon, we will guide you to an alternative schedule or help you cancel your reservation.”

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