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Over the past few years, I have been paying a lot of attention to the word branding. The success and failure of many YouTubers is quite an interesting story. I’m typing on the keyboard to figure out how their brand power will come out and what I should do.

Brand == Being

There are many attributes that make up a brand. If you are active in a certain field, we also look at your attitude to see how serious you are about that field. And with that we see their humanity. No matter how good you are in one field, you can easily lose support if your personality is poor. There are many influencers who have collapsed like that. Especially in these days where the Internet has developed, such moral character is becoming more important.

Being good == sincerity, consistency, sincerity

I write with the assumption that being is synonymous with brand, which includes character and sincerity in the field. There is a movement among developers called 1 commit per day. You can understand it as the act of uploading your own code to the internet once a day. Some call it Haruki’s law. The qualities we can see here are sincerity and consistency. Even if the content of the uploaded code is shit, at least you can understand that he is a sincere and steady friend.

It is difficult to know the truth through simple daily repetition. Because using mechanical tricks is one way. Just like some part of my past. So how is truth expressed? I think it is similar to the movement of electrons. Although electrons are depicted as standing still, in reality, they are moving infinitely fast. Like those electrons, at first glance they seem to be stationary, but in reality they are moving steadily, and the energy that can rush out when a reaction occurs is what I think is truth.

Good brand == something with sincerity, consistency, and sincerity + influence

The good people and YouTube channels I saw were friends who possessed the above three qualities. And here the word influence comes in. No matter how good the technology, product, or idea is, if it is not realized and promoted, it will eventually rot in a corner. Especially with the development of media, selling stories has become more important. For someone like me who defended classical values ​​and sold technology rather than a brand, the world has become one where failure to change is a crisis, and change is an opportunity.

So, I am writing to become a good person. As a virtue of humility, I tried not to engage in external activities much, but I want to do this consistently. Today, I feel good because it has been a while since I wrote something with progressive content.

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