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I arrived at the client’s apartment complex on a refreshing spring rainy morning. When I informed the security office that I had come to replace the sink faucet in the unit I was visiting, they opened the barricade. Today’s work was a simple task that involved replacing the damaged sink faucet and replacing the drain stopper and drain hose. The only thing I had to do was cut the stainless steel pipe of the drain plug with a cutter and connect it because the drain was high. Today’s schedule, which had no special features, seemed like a lucky day in some way.

I removed the old parts, cut the drain plug, and connected the drain trap and hose. Then, just connect the sink faucet. I placed the sink faucet on the sink and looked for the fixing parts, but I couldn’t find any parts. No matter how much I searched the product box, I couldn’t find any fixing parts. I was in big trouble. Without this part, you cannot attach a sink faucet. This was my first time experiencing something like this, so I was completely shocked.

Oh my! Then a thought came to my mind.

A month ago, I received a call from an interior design store in my neighborhood. There was an elderly person who had purchased a sink faucet and asked if I could go to his home to replace it. When I arrived at the old man’s house, I found that the old man was not there but a young man was there. The young man asked if he could fix the handle of the existing sink faucet. When he looked at the sink handle, he thought he could fix it by turning a fine range bolt, so he tried fixing it. After fixing the handle, the sink faucet worked without any problems. The young man said he had to return the sink faucet in the box. He thanked me and gave me some travel expenses and told me to return.

I didn’t know why, so I came down to the parking lot and was about to get in the car when I got a phone call. It was the owner of an interior design store who had asked for repairs. When asked why he didn’t replace the sink faucet, he said he only asked for his handle to be fixed, so he did so. The young man was the son-in-law of an elderly man who had purchased a sink faucet, and he said that he had contacted the interior design store saying that there was no problem with the sink faucet and that he would return it.

Is there anything this embarrassing? But isn’t it so bad that you can just change a sink faucet that is still in good condition?

After a while, another request came in to change the sink faucet. The client said he wasn’t sure about the type of sink faucet, so he stopped by an interior design store, saying he would prepare both one-hole and two-hole types at the same time. Was it a coincidence! The sink faucet that my young son-in-law returned earlier had two holes, so I bought that faucet again. However, upon arriving at the client’s house, the faucet to be replaced was one-hole. That’s how I had the two-hole faucet in stock. A month later, I came to the house where I requested it and found out that a part was missing while installing it. The next schedule was imminent, and I thought something big had happened.

When I contacted the interior design store and told them what happened last time, the owner said that he remembered, but that they only sell fixed parts. He said he understood and asked me to check stock, saying he would buy another sink faucet. I apologized to the client for missing a part for the faucet, ran down a rainy road to an interior design store, bought the part, and returned. He apologized and apologized for calling the next client. He arrived at his next destination in about an hour and finished his work, but the time was not narrowed down. The next schedule was too time-consuming and I had no idea how the day went by. I couldn’t even eat lunch and my body was almost exhausted.

The next day, I stopped by an interior design store to purchase the necessary parts. When the boss said, “Mr. Ahn,” he called me loudly. “Here,” he said, holding out a small plastic bag. It was none other than a part that wasn’t there before.

The boss continued

“Sometimes, people buy things and return them, but they bring back missing parts.”

“Then how did you get this?”

In response to my question, the boss laughed and said that he had gotten one when I told him to get one from a business partner. Suddenly, the once useless faucet found its match and became useful. My sinking heart suddenly rose and I felt better. The day began to clear. Today was a lucky day.

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