Even Ahn Jung-hwan, famous for his ‘face’, recognized the visuals of ‘Kim Nam-il’s son’ – TV Report VRESP

(TV Report = Reporter Song Ga-eun) Coach Kim Nam-il reveals his ‘hidden coach’ son who boasts ‘warm visuals’.

On the 7th, episode 25 of JTBC’s ‘We Must Come Together 3’ will air Coach Kim Nam-il analyzing soccer game footage with his ‘handsome’ son. His son, whose handsome visuals were recognized by coach Ahn Jung-hwan as the ‘Soccer Terius’, shows off his soccer passion and charisma just like Kim Nam-il. It is said that Kim Nam-il’s son attracted attention by saying, ‘Isn’t he the hidden coach of Mung Chan?’

Among these, Kim Nam-il is revealing for the first time the secret notebook in which he has recorded everything since he took office as the coach of ‘We Have to Come Together 3’. Through the secret note, Kim Nam-il’s hidden complaints about Ahn Jung-hwan are revealed one by one, and an energy of ‘discord’ seeps between Ahn Jung-hwan and Kim Nam-il. In Coach Kim Nam-il’s secret notes, Kim Nam-il’s complaints that have not been revealed until now are revealed without hesitation, such as ‘Ahn Jeong-hwan is usually a warm older brother, but when he goes out on the playground, he loses his weight’, ‘He thinks he is the national team coach’, and ‘I want to kick his butt once’. It was recorded that the scene was devastated.

Meanwhile, Lee Dae-hoon, the world’s No. 1 Taekwondo national team member, is attracting attention by revealing that he is preparing for a ‘soccer instructor certification’ following coach Ahn Jung-hwan. Lee Dae-hoon, who has shown an extraordinary passion for soccer that even Ahn Jung-hwan and Kim Nam-il cannot stop, reveals his ambition to become a soccer coach, saying he is planning a soccer class business.

The full story of Kim Nam-il’s ‘actor force’ son and the ‘Gamkojin discord’ in Kim Nam-il’s secret notebook, which was shrouded in mystery, can be seen on JTBC’s ‘We Must Come Together 3’ at 7:45 pm on the 7th.

Reporter Song Ga-eun [email protected] / Photo = JTBC ‘We must unite to win 3’

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