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A thief disguised as a garbage bag and stealing packages. /X

In the United States, a man disguised himself as a garbage bag and stole a package.

According to local media such as ABC7 News on the 4th (local time), Omar Gabriel Munoz, who lives in Sacramento, California, USA, lost one of the parcels he ordered at the age of 29 last month.

Munoz said at first he thought the package had simply been blown away by the wind. Munoz said, “I received a text message saying that the package had been delivered, but when I returned home from work, I was confused because I couldn’t find the package anywhere,” and “I thought the package had just blown away in the wind.”

However, after reviewing the CCTV in front of the house, it turned out that the culprit was not the wind but a ‘garbage bag thief’. Someone stole the package, hiding their identity by covering it with a garbage bag. Looking at the CCTV footage released by Munoz, the garbage bag thief waddled forward little by little from the entrance to the house’s yard and picked up the package. Because his entire body was covered with a black trash bag, it was not possible to determine his identity or even whether he was male or female. The only thing captured was feet wearing slippers.

Munoz said he decided not to file a police report because the garbage bag thief’s efforts were minimal. Munoz said, “I was angry at first when I found out who the culprit was, but I thought that people these days are very creative.” He added, “When I watched the video again, it made me laugh.” At the same time, he said, “I did not report the theft because I thought the local police should focus their efforts on more important cases.”

This absurd video of the garbage bag theft also spread online, including on X (formerly Twitter). The video posted on one account became a hot topic with well over 1 million views. Netizens responded with comments such as “He is literally a piece of trash,” “What if this creativity had been used for something productive,” and “With this much effort, it would be better to get a job.”

It is known that parcel theft incidents occur frequently in the United States. According to the results of a survey released in January by security company Security, 44% of Americans who participated in the survey said they had had a package stolen in their lives. Of these, 17% said they had experienced something like this in the past three months. Last year, the cumulative damage from parcel theft incidents alone was calculated to be $8 billion (approximately 10.8 trillion won).

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