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Even Jack Black was surprised…"Fu Bao is more popular than Taylor Swift in Korea?"(‘Fish Show’) (Comprehensive): Nate Entertainment – Nate News VRESP

Even Jack Black was surprised...

(TV Report = Reporter Hyemi Lee) Hollywood actor Jack Black recalled his appearance on ‘Infinite Challenge’ eight years ago. He also shared his personal surprise at the fu bao craze.

On the 7th, Jack Black appeared as a guest on ‘Pisik Show’, a web entertainment program produced by Physic University, and showed off his eloquence as always.

Black, who met Korean fans through ‘Fisik Show’ that day, said, “It is an honor to appear on ‘Fisik Show’. I am so nervous and excited for the first time since my debut to appear on such a world-class show. I have dreamed of appearing on ‘Fisik Show’ since I was young. “He joked.

Black is an actor familiar to Korean fans through his appearance in ‘Infinite Challenge.’ On this day, Black was asked, “Do you remember the time of ‘Infinite Challenge’?” and answered, “Of course. It was a really fun show with stockings on my face. I remember it like it was yesterday.”

He then expressed his special affection by asking the ‘Fisik Show’ contestants, “Do you know the ‘Infinite Challenge’ members? Do you keep in touch with them?” and added, “Please convey my love to them.”

Black, who visited the ‘Food Show’ to promote ‘Kung Fu Panda 4’, said, “This movie is about change. It’s about finding a successor for the next chapter of life.” He added, “The worst enemy of all time is the chameleon. “Because he can transform into any form, he can use all the powers of the villains from the previous work.”

Black, who visited Korea when ‘Kung Fu Panda 3’ was released, was asked, “Why didn’t you come to Korea this time?”, and responded, “I miss you too. But it’s too far away.” He made a big laugh by asking, “Would you invite me to your house?”

‘Kung Fu Panda’ is DreamWorks’ representative series and has maintained its reputation for 16 years. Black, who is working with ‘Kung Fu Panda’ as the voice actor for the main character ‘Po’, said, “When I look at Po closely, I see gray hair growing out. I think I have gained confidence after dubbing for 16 years. I am better than the first film.” “I want to think about it,” he said.

He further expressed his happiness, saying, “I love doing this job. I love doing Poe’s voice and finding the magic elements of comedy in fleeting moments. It’s one of the things I really enjoy doing.”

Next, Black, who heard about the panda craze in Korea that originated from ‘Bao Family’, made the participants laugh by asking in surprise, “Are pandas as popular as Taylor Swift in Korea?”

Reporter Lee Hye-mi [email protected] / Photo = YouTube capture of ‘Fish Show’

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