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A rare disease that causes tumors on the skin surface due to genetic mutation… An estimated 4,000 people are reported in Korea.

The story of a woman whose entire body was covered in thousands of tumors was revealed. Before surgery (left), tumors so large that it was difficult to breathe were located in the nose, forehead, neck, and arms, but they improved after removal (right). (Photo = Daily Mail report capture/TLC’ Take My Tumor’)

The story of a woman whose entire body was covered in thousands of tumors was revealed. This woman suffered from tumors on her face and body, including her eyes and nose, making it difficult for her to breathe or walk.

According to the British media Daily Mail, Charmain Sahadeo (42) from Trinidad and Tobago, South America, suffers from a rare disease called NF-1 neurofibromatosis. It is a disease that causes problems with the development of the nervous system, bones, and skin and usually appears in childhood. Typical symptoms include light brown spots called milk spots, freckled spots in the armpits or groin, and tumors that develop in the form of lumps on the skin surface.

The tumor that developed at the age of 13 became severe and covered the entire body… Accompanied by decreased vision, difficulty urinating, etc.

Among the patients, Charmain had severe symptoms and tumors developed all over his body. What started as a few tumors on my face at the age of 13 has now grown into thousands. Tumors cover all parts of the body, including the eyes, nose, mouth, scalp, limbs, chest, buttocks, and genitals. It was even reported that the tumor in his nose was blocking his nostrils, making it difficult to breathe properly.

He also had difficulty walking due to the tumor in his leg. The genital tumor made even urinating uncomfortable. The tumor in his eye blurred his vision and made it impossible for him to drive. “The tumor is getting bigger,” he said. “If I can’t breathe properly, I could die. There’s also a tumor in my mouth, so it’s difficult to tell someone to help me.”

A rare disease that occurs in 1 in 3,000 people… There is no fundamental treatment

Neurofibromatosis type 1 occurs in about 1 in 3,000 people worldwide. It is known that tumors occur and grow due to defects in the NF1 gene present in chromosome 17. Family history may also be a cause. In fact, even the mother of the woman in the story is said to be suffering from type 1 neurofibromatosis. However, the explanation is that Charmain’s condition is more serious.

There is no fundamental cure for this terrible disease, so there is no choice but to treat it according to the symptoms. However, there were no medical staff in Charmain’s home country who could treat him in serious condition. In the end, he decided to take his “last hope” and seek treatment from Dr. Ryan Osborne in Los Angeles, California. “I just hope there is no problem with seeing, breathing, and speaking properly,” Charmain said. “This doctor is my last hope.”

Decided to have surgery in the US… Received tumor removal surgery 24 times over 10 weeks for a total of 60 hours.

Dr. Ryan, who has been treating patients’ tumors for over 20 years, performed tumor removal surgery for over two months. The surgery was performed multiple times to prevent risks such as infection and bleeding when removing many tumors at once. On the first day of surgery, Charmaine underwent 13 hours of surgery to remove a large tumor on her leg and dozens of tumors in her mouth. He subsequently underwent 24 surgeries over 10 weeks, totaling 60 hours.

“I feel a lot better than before the surgery and I can smile more,” Charmaine said. “Before the surgery I couldn’t see my face, but now I can see my nose and mouth and I can breathe properly.” He added, “It couldn’t be better than this.”

The number of domestic patients is estimated at 4,000… Even if a complete cure is difficult, continuous health care is necessary.

Neurofibromatosis type 1 is a rare, incurable disease, also called ‘von Recklinghausen disease.’ There are reports that the number of domestic patients is estimated to be 4,000 as of 2020. Like the woman in the story, even if the tumor is removed or reduced in size, there is no effective treatment to prevent it from recurring. However, recently, drug treatments to reduce tumor size have been developed. As treatment research continues to progress, it is important to consistently follow-up and take care of your health even if it is difficult to achieve a complete cure right away.

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