‘First Confession’ Joo Ji-hoon was a victim of school violence "I was harassed by the bullies" (Oh!Ssen Comprehensive) – Chosun Ilbo VRESP

(OSEN=Reporter Kim Soo-hyung) Ju Ji-hoon appeared on ‘Salty Brother’ and made a surprising confession about his past of being bullied by a group of delinquent students during his school days.

On the 8th, on the Jjanhanghyeong channel, ‘Ju Ji-hoon EP.37 Stop the conspiracy! The video was released under the title, ‘Ju Ji-hoon vs. Shin Dong-yup’, the greatest conspiracy showdown of all time (?).

It was said that Ju Ji-hoon appeared on this day, and that Sung Si-kyung and Jeong Jae-hyung also appeared on YouTube channels. In particular, when asked about Jung Jae-hyung’s comment on YouTube that he had ‘not a handsome face’, Ju Ji-hoon humbly said, “In our time, we had Jang Dong-kwon, Jung Woo-sung, Go Soo, and Won Bin,” and Shin Dong-yup said, “I said that in front of Jung Jae-hyung, apologize,” making everyone burst into laughter. Joo Ji-hoon also immediately apologized and made us laugh.

Also, while talking about ‘conspiracy theories’ in various talks on this day, Joo Ji-hoon joked about ‘conspiracy’ and said, “It has two meanings, doesn’t it?” To this, Shin Dong-yeop said, “I created a (raunchy) character, but aren’t you even dirtier?” After saying that, it made me laugh. Ju Ji-hoon responded, “What? “Are you kidding? I keep my mouth shut on set as a senior,” he said. “I was talking to Sung Si-kyung with the camera off and he said it would get 10 million views.” To this, Shin Dong-yeop said, “If you collect all the behind-the-scenes footage of Sung Si-kyung, you’ll get 100 million views. (Ju Ji-hoon too) there’s no camera.” “There is a flashiness at times,” he said, making people laugh.

Ju Ji Hoon also said that he didn’t know how to express his gratitude to his fans. However, he said that his thoughts changed after meeting Jung Woo-sung. Joo Ji-hoon said, “Woosung said to his fans, ‘Thank you,’ and that one word took away my shyness. I learned that’s how you express gratitude.”

He said, “I’ve completely changed since then. I try to express it as much as possible, and I want to repay the favor in some way.” In particular, Joo Ji-hoon, who used expressions like a great monk to Jung Woo-sung, said, “But he never gives advice first, so he only answers when you ask.” He expressed his gratitude.

Among these, I also asked about my school days. He is from Cheonho-dong, and during his school days, he lived in 19 classes with 75 students each. At the same time, he said, “There were a lot of incidents.” When asked if Ju Ji-hoon was also tempted by delinquent students during his school days, Ju Ji-hoon attracted attention by confidently saying, “Then I would be here.”

Joo Ji-hoon said, “What I clearly remember is the students walking around in groups, and they looked cowardly. My current job is an actor, and I’m so glad I didn’t hang out with those types of students (bad students) when I was young.” Meanwhile, Ju Ji-hoon in particular attracted attention by making a surprising confession, saying, “I was bullied by a group of people until I graduated from high school.” /[email protected]

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