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Since the advent of AI, we have lived in a new world. AI provides information on behalf of humans, helps humans learn, and creates new things. Debate continues about whether AI can truly replace humans, but there is no doubt that creative work can be performed more advancedly through AI.

As industrial fields become more diverse due to various technologies utilizing AI, new fields that have never existed before have been created. It is an AI model agency that uses AI.

‘BlurBlur’ is an AI model agency business launched by CEO Byeon Sa-beom, who founded PlusX. It is an agency model platform that produces and debuts models through generative AI, and is a new business introduced by CEO Byeon Sa-beom, who runs the cosmetics brand ‘Diponde’ through a combination of commercial artwork and generative AI. The starting point was the concern of creating a model with generative AI while running Diponde. Beyond developing models for the brand, the task was to debut those models. He not only debuts the model through Blurbler, but also suggests the brand’s desired strategy and marketing direction based on the AI ​​model, similar to the consulting business work he has done at PlusX.

CEO Byeon Sa-beom (AI production)

CEO Byun Sa-jeom, who founded a design company with friends in 2006, founded Plus He started with motion graphics and worked on video design, promotion design, UI design, BX design, etc. Through this Blur Blur, he began another design work that the times demanded. We asked CEO Byeon Sa-beom about the AI ​​model agency business Blurbler.

Q. What kind of service is Blurbler?

To put it simply, it can be called a virtual model agency. Create an image of the model with generative AI and produce the model’s story through GPT. Debut various models such as Asian, North American, South American, European, African, mixed race, etc., together with strategies to be used as exclusive models for the brand or in commerce. This is a proposed agency model platform.

blurbler model image

Q. How did it start?

I think it started with the question of whether it would be possible to create a model using generative AI, which I started while running the cosmetics brand ‘Diponde’.

Just a year ago, it was impossible to create real people and create consistent faces, but starting in the second half of 2023, we learned that with Stable Diffusion ComfyUI, it will be possible to create consistent models and models that are likely to be seen in real life. So, we started developing exclusive models for our brand and thought it would be a good idea to continuously create these models and use them with other brands as well.

Q. What services do you provide?

We literally offer a variety of models. In addition, we can provide not only models, but also key visuals desired by a specific brand, as well as strategies and all images necessary for brand operation.

In addition to simply proposing a model and creating an image for the model, we create a model and key visual that embodies the characteristics of the brand, and provide consulting to ensure brand consistency that can be continuously delivered to customers.

blurbler model image

Q. Can you find a connection to the design work you have been doing at PlusX?

Personally, I think it is in the same context as PlusX’s consulting business. As mentioned earlier, it is not simply a matter of creating a virtual model and providing only the model, but it is a work of solving the overall strategy and marketing direction of the brand and what the brand should play in the future based on the model.

Q. What is Blurbler’s goal?

Even if small brands or small business owners want to use model images, they are often unable to do so due to the cost of recruiting and photographing models. The goal is to enable small brands and small business owners to use various models at a reasonable cost.

Q. What do you think about the possibility of expanding design through AI?

Even now, expansion continues across all businesses, and we believe it will have an impact on all industries in the future. There are still negative opinions about AI, but I believe that it will gradually be naturally incorporated into our lives. I think this is an area that will be used across all industries.

Q. How can AI be effectively utilized in design work?

AI is already being applied in many areas of design work, but there are cases where we are not aware of it. Adobe’s product lineup is fully equipped with AI functions, and Figma and other tools are continuously updated.

Many generative AIs, such as Midjourney, GPT, and Stable Diffusion, are also establishing strategies or producing reference images, and I think the number of designers actually using them is continuously increasing. It will be used more in the future.

Q. What are your future plans?

Our future plan is to create a service so that any brand or seller can freely use Blurblr’s models. We also plan to gradually expand our business centered on models. And I want to become a model agency that not only virtual models but also real models want to join. Real world reality is also important.

Interviewer_ Editor-in-Chief Jeong Seok-won ([email protected])
Editor_ Editor-in-Chief Yujin Choi ([email protected])
Photo provided_ Blurblur (blurblur.ai)

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