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(smartPC Love=Reporter Lim Byeong-seon) Previously, Monster Gear Ninja87 PRO ALU Introducing the full aluminum custom keyboard. monster gear ninja87 PRO ALU The Full Aluminum Custom Keyboard is a full aluminum tenkeyless layout custom keyboard ambitiously presented by Monsta Gear.. Of course, you can decorate it with your favorite design., It is characterized by the ability to customize and control keycam and noise..

Monster Gear Ninja, fully customizable87 PRO ALU It’s a full aluminum custom keyboard., If you don’t know anything about keyboards, you’ll be confused about what combination to use.. For these people, four editions of Monster Gear Ninja have been hand-selected by Monster Gear.87 PRO ALU Introducing a full aluminum custom keyboard.

Housing in four colors

monster gear ninja87 PRO ALU Full Aluminum Custom Keyboard is a mechanical custom keyboard made of full aluminum.. Easy to use that expands desktop space utilization 87The key layout is a tenkeyless arrangement.. This is a layout commonly found in gaming keyboards., Good for office use too.

monster gear ninja87 PRO ALU The housing of the full aluminum custom keyboard is white., black, purple, pink lights 4You can choose the color you want among the colors.. in other words, When you want to decorate with a certain design, you must choose the right housing color to create the custom keyboard you want..

The four editions selected directly from Monster Gear are Monster Gear Ninja.87 PRO ALU This product was selected as the item that best matches the full aluminum custom keyboard.. This product is fully lubricated and assembled by hand by Monstar Gear’s lubrication experts, and the clicking sound is attractive.. For reference, the edition product includes the existing hanbaek jadeMDA Keycaps are not provided separately.

pink edition

The Pink Edition features a pink housing with magnolia linear switches and strawberry cake keycaps.. The bright pink housing is attractive., A lubrication expert directly lubricates the device and uses a low-pitch linear switch to provide a heavy, wet feel and a crackling sound.. price is 151,000It’s a circle.

purple edition

The Purple Edition consists of a purple colored housing with Sky One linear switches and Purple Rabbit keycaps.. It has a bright and cute purple housing, is directly lubricated by a lubrication expert, and is equipped with a high-pitch linear switch, giving it a light and refreshing feel and a clicking sound.. price is 141,000It’s a circle.

black edition

The Black Edition consists of a black housing with Monsta Gear Holy Panda non-click switches and Tuna keycaps.. Atmospheric and chic black housing, lubricated directly by a lubrication expert, and non-click, which is resistant to jamming.(tactile) You can experience a irritating hit by engaging the switch.. price is 171,000It’s a circle.

white edition

The White Edition features a white housing with Fruit Mango non-click switches and classic keycaps.. Non-click with clean white housing and sticky material lubricated by a lubrication expert.(tactile) It is addictive due to the chewy feel of the switch.. price is 171,000It’s a circle.

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