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YT Pics is a web app that allows you to cut a scene from a YouTube video into an image. YT Fix can be used not only on PC but also on smartphones, and you can easily download your favorite scenes from the video as images.

For example, if you want to save this scene as an image while playing a video on the iPhone YouTube app, you can display the video in full screen and save the screenshot as an image. However, in addition to the black border around the image depending on the video screen ratio, there is also the problem that the image resolution varies depending on the smartphone display resolution. At this time, by using YT Fix, you can save a high-definition image with the same aspect ratio as the original video.

To save an image as YT Fix, first tap Share on the YouTube app video playback screen. Tap Copy to copy the video URL. Then click the link to access YT Fix in your browser. Paste the copied video URL into the input box at the top of the screen, specify where you want to download by hour, minute, and second, and then press the button. Wait about 10 seconds and multiple frames will be displayed within the specified number of seconds.

Select the frame you want to save, tap it, and when one image is displayed, press and hold the image. Click Save to Photo and you’re done.

You can use the thumbnail saving function (Thumbnails) at the top of the YT Fix screen. To save a video preview image, enter the video URL in the input box and press the registration button. A list of thumbnails of different sizes will be displayed, and you can save the ones you want. Additionally, you can use the subtitle saving mode by pressing the caption. Enter the video URL in the field, tap the Register button, and a link to download the subtitle file will appear. You can download it in one of the subtitle file formats (JSON3, SRV1, SRV2, SRV3, TTML, VTT). Related information can be found here.

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