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AULA’s F99 White Otemu Low Noise Pitch Axis V2 / LEOBOG Hoemok Axis V4 / LEOBOG Yellow Axis V3 and the new switch, AULA F99, from AULA, a global gaming hardware specialty brand, which were sold out at FUNKEYS, Bravotech’s own brand that handles premium keyboards and accessories. A new black LEOBOG x SWK Kyunghae axis model is released.

AULA, which is receiving a lot of attention from users around the world as a tarantula, is a global manufacturer specializing in gaming devices. Based on its outstanding research and development capabilities and automated production system, it produces a diverse lineup of keyboards, mice, headsets, etc. to provide the best experience to users. Design and produce devices.

Each mechanical keyboard switch has its own unique feel and sound, and reinforcement plates made of various materials are used to maximize these characteristics. Otemu low-noise pitch axis V2 / LEOBOG Hoemok axis V4 / LEOBOG Yellow axis V3 switches use PC reinforcement plates to emphasize a soft and unique keystroke sound. The LEOBOG

The AULA F99 wired/wireless mechanical keyboard model is a wired/wireless Bluetooth mechanical keyboard with a 99-key layout that is excellent for utilizing space on the desk and includes a number pad that can be used in a variety of environments. You can choose between two colors: black and white. there is.

It supports three connection modes, including wired connection, 2.4GHz wireless USB dongle connection, and smart device connection through Bluetooth 5.0, so you can easily switch between various devices on the desk using a single keyboard using the mode switch.

The Tarantula mechanical keyboard has a gasket mount design that provides the quietest and most consistent typing feel and sound among the designs. It is equipped with IXPE, PORON, and silicone materials that are excellent in composition and absorbency, and adds a Flex-cut design that maximizes elasticity by creating grooves in the PCB and reinforcement plate, which are becoming a trend among custom keyboard enthusiasts, to suppress noise when typing and provide a fun and comfortable keyboard. Provides an elastic touch.

All switches are equipped with 16.8 million color RGB LED backlights, allowing you to select one of 12 modes, and users can also set their own desired effects, providing a diverse user experience. The dedicated software provides overwhelming convenience, including key mapping functions, macros, and lighting control.

In addition, the Steps Culture 2 design with ergonomically arranged keys for comfortable typing, operating system mode change using the FN combination key, and a detachable USB Type-C cable enable convenient use and portability, and support the N-Key rollover function. Even if all keys are pressed simultaneously, stable input is possible without conflict.

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