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AFI, which operates the global game server solution backend, announced today (11th) that it will hold the ‘2024 Backend Hot Time – A Collection of Returning Success Stories’ on May 7th at the Science and Technology Convention Center.

In the 2024 Back End Hot Time, RoadComplete of , Gameberry Studio of , Meerkat Games of , and Aloha Factory of announced their intention to participate, drawing on insights from industry experts. It is expected that this will be an opportunity to hear it in person.

‘Hot Time at the Back’ is a seminar where experts leading the Korean game industry, from game developers to publishers and investment companies, gather to share know-how in game development and operation. Last year, we successfully organized an event with 120 game developers.

The 2024 Back End Hot Time will be held on a larger scale than before. Approximately 300 game developers and industry officials are expected to participate, and six sessions will be prepared to share their experiences in making successful games of various genres, from casual to idle RPG. Additionally, there will be time to directly communicate with the speakers who led each game to success through an on-site Q&A session after the seminar.

Kwon Oh-hyun, CEO of AFI, said, “Many game developers in Korea are working hard to make their games successful. However, there are not many places where you can meet actual game data that is helpful in practice,” he said. “In this 2024 Back End Hot Time, we have prepared a wealth of success stories and know-how from game developers who have achieved growth. “As we bring together experts who are difficult to gather in one place, we hope it will be a time to share meaningful insights and experiences,” he said.

Meanwhile, Backend is also actively carrying out activities for global game companies, such as participating in an exclusive booth at GDC 2024. Detailed information about the rear end can be found on the official website and blog.

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