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Recently, a case of cloud server hacking of Sony’s portable game console ‘PlayStation Portal’ (hereinafter referred to as PS Portal) was reported.

‘PS Portal’, released in November last year, is a remote play-only portable game console that allows you to enjoy PS5 games through cloud services. In particular, it achieved such sensational popularity that its release in secondary release countries, including Korea, was postponed as supplies were sold out in the North American and Japanese markets, which were the first release regions.

Last February, Andy Nguyen, a researcher in charge of cloud vulnerabilities at Google, revealed that his team hacked ‘PS Portal’ and ran Sony’s portable game console ‘PSP Emulator’.

‘Andy Nguyen’ directly relayed the information to Sony immediately after conducting the hacking, and said that the hacking bug was fixed in version 2.06, the latest update of ‘PS Portal’.

Before joining Google, Andy Nguyen not only hacked the PS Vita but also exposed PS4 software vulnerabilities.

After this incident was introduced to the media, there was criticism on some social media that the news of the hacking was not announced in advance, but Nguyen’s side said, “Our team has no intention of exploiting this vulnerability, and Sony would have responded immediately even if the hacking details were made public anyway.” He also left a comment saying,

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