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Han Ga-in “Past Cheonggyesan Flying Squirrel” Now? (‘Europe outside the tent’) – Maeil Business Newspaper VRESP

‘Europe outside the tent – ​​Southern France’. PhotoㅣtvN

The Mont Blanc expedition team of tvN’s ‘Europe Outside the Tent – Southern France’ takes on the challenge of real wilderness backpacking.

In the 7th episode of tvN’s ‘Europe Outside the Tent – Southern France’ (directed by Hong Jin-joo and Kim Seo-yeon), which airs on the 7th, the story of the four Ten Outsiders who take on the challenge of backpacking Mont Blanc, the highlight of this trip to France and the ‘flower of European camping’, is depicted.

The four brave new backpackers begin packing in earnest, putting all their food, clothing and shelter for two days and one night in one backpack. The spirit of non-possession is essential, and as the members begin their endless challenge to reduce even just 1g of weight, Han Ga-in makes people laugh by not being able to give up even a package of nutritional supplements.

The ‘Tour de Mont Blanc’, which the ‘Mont Blanc Expedition’ is attempting this time, is an eternal bucket list item for mountaineers and is the best walking trail in Europe along Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in the Alps. The four people plan to undertake a hellish trek that lasts 5 hours while carrying backpacks weighing more than 10kg. In particular, Ryu Hye-young is said to be leading the team and showing off her Sherpa-level physical strength, raising expectations. Han Ga-in, who says, “I used to be a flying squirrel in Cheonggyesan Mountain,” walks using the baguette in Jo Bo-ah’s backpack as a guide, and constantly boasts of being a ‘foodie’ even during difficult times.

To get to the campsite, you have to cross the 2,120m Trico Pass. The members, including ‘Captain Ra’ Mi-ran, gradually reach their limits on the never-ending, steep, rocky climb, but they cannot help but be amazed as the colorful scenery, from grasslands to glaciers and snowy mountains, unfolds like a panorama. Expectations are growing even more as it is said that the teamwork of the members who do not lose their smiles despite the hardships shines brighter than ever.

Mont Blanc backpacking, which is considered a highlight as Jo Bo-ah said, “It was hard, but it was the best part of the itinerary so far,” and what kind of picture will unfold outside the tent? The long journey to the unprecedented scenery outside the tent will be aired on tvN’s ‘Europe Outside the Tent’ at 7:40 PM on Sunday the 7th. – You can check it out through the ‘Southern France edition’.

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