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(TV Report = Reporter Hye-mi Lee) Actress Han Ji-min introduced a related story, saying that she was stopped by security at an Australian airport because she had a lot of luggage.

On the 12th, a video titled “Jimin’s method of packing for a business trip to Australia” was uploaded to the BH Entertainment channel.

Ahead of her trip to Australia, Han Ji-min said, “It’s been a while since I went to Australia. I have my second filming as an Australian ambassador starting next week, so I plan to go in a week before that and meet her sister and nieces. “Today’s mission is packing,” he said.

He continued, “Isn’t there something you must eat before leaving Korea? He said, “It’s tteokbokki,” and said, “I’m so happy.” I will eat deliciously and pack my bags. Actually, packing my luggage when I go somewhere is really annoying. So, I barely put it off until the night before before I pack my bags,” he said with a laugh.

After arriving in Australia, I introduced an episode I experienced at the airport. Han Ji-min said, “When I entered the country, I took a rice cooker and a blanket with me, so they told me to come separately. “He just scanned it even though I explained that it was a rice cooker and a blanket,” he recalled.

Furthermore, “In the past, I wrote freelancer in the occupation column, but now I write actor.” So I guess I’m curious. ‘Where are you coming from? Is it on Netflix? He said, ‘Did you appear in ‘Squid Game’?’ My friend said he was coming. “I watch a lot of Korean dramas wherever I go these days,” he said, sharing a related story.

Reporter Lee Hye-mi [email protected] / Photo = BH Entertainment YouTube capture

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