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It has been revealed that actress Han So-hee (30)’s advertising model contract with ‘NH Nonghyup Bank’ has ended. Han So-hee’s contract as an advertising model for her soju brand ‘Chumul Like’ also ended last month. Some speculated that the controversy that arose during her relationship and breakup with fellow actor Ryu Jun-yeol (37) may have had an impact.

According to Nonghyup Bank on the 7th, Nonghyup Bank will introduce print advertisements featuring Go Yun-jeong instead of Han So-hee starting this week. Next, advertisements modeled after Go Yoon-jung will be released sequentially on TV, YouTube, and social media. Nonghyup Bank has used actors Kang Ha-neul and Han So-hee as models for the past three years.

An official from Nonghyup Bank said in a phone call with Chosun.com, “We have been looking for a new face as the contract period has recently expired. We did not change the advertising model because of Han So-hee’s privacy issues.”

Han So-hee’s agency also said, “The Nonghyup advertisement was not a failure to renew the contract, but a decision not to extend the contract through mutual agreement at the end of last year. This has absolutely nothing to do with the dating rumors.”

It is known that in the process of selecting a new advertising model, Nonghyup Bank judged Go Yun-jeong, who has a bright and sophisticated image, to be the best person, and selected it as the top model.

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Meanwhile, Han So-hee and Ryu Jun-yeol announced their breakup on the 30th of last month, two weeks after going public with their relationship. It was reported that Ryu Jun-yeol and singer and actress Hyeri (30) had been in a public relationship since 2017 and broke up last year. Because of this, suspicions about a transit romance arose.

Hyeri said in a statement on the 18th of last month that she apologized for causing controversy, but also said, “Last November, an article was published saying that she was ending her eight-year relationship. “Even right after the breakup news broke, we had a conversation about wanting to talk more,” he said. “And after four months later, when I read a new article (dating rumor), I felt like I was accepted as Lee Hye-ri, not actress Lee Hye-ri.” She said she thought she was continuing her relationship with Ryu Jun-yeol. Afterwards, on the 29th of last month, Han So-hee posted a post targeting Hye-ri on her social media, which she deleted.

Regarding this, Han So-hee’s agency said, “We promised not to waste our emotions on personal matters anymore,” and added, “Han So-hee has made it difficult for herself and the public because of her personal feelings. sorry. “I will gladly accept any criticism,” he said.

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