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‘Resurrection of the Seven’. Photo: SBS

‘Resurrection of the Seven’ Medusa Hwang Jeong-eum is in danger of having her identity discovered.

In the SBS Friday-Saturday drama ‘Resurrection of the Seven’ (written by Kim Soon-ok, directed by Oh Jun-hyuk and Oh Song-hee) that aired on the 12th, the existence of ‘Medusa’ (=Geum Ra-hee/Hwang Jeong-eum), who helps Min Do-hyuk (Lee Joon), was revealed to the surface. Matthew Lee (played by Shim Jun-seok/Eom Ki-jun), who learned of Medusa’s existence, made a bloody plan to use her voice to catch Min Do-hyuk and Kang Ki-tak (played by Yoon Tae-young), and Geum Ra-hee saved the two while avoiding Matthew Lee’s eyes. It created a thrilling sense of tension and made people even more curious about future developments.

On this day, Min Do-hyuk and Kang Ki-tak took advantage of the engagement ceremony of Han Monet (played by Lee Yu-bi) and headed to Matthew Lee’s house, where no one was there. The two people who entered the secret room where the body of ‘Luca’ was located immediately logged in using Lee Hwi-so’s (Min Young-ki) USB and encountered Luca’s true identity. Among the numerous pieces of data, Min Do-hyuk discovered Bang Da-mi (played by Oh Yoon-seong) as a child talking about ‘Medusa’ in Lee Hwi-so’s video. Min Do-hyuk was convinced that Medusa was someone related to Bang Da-mi, and when he told this to Kang Ki-tak, she confessed that she had been receiving information from Medusa. At that time, Matthew Lee accessed Luca. Min Do-hyuk quickly blocked Matthew Lee’s access, obtained all information related to Lee Hwi-so, and escaped from there.

Min Do-hyuk planned a plan to trap Matthew Lee. With Lee Hwi-so’s fingerprints obtained using the ‘Luca’ system, a large amount of money was taken from Matthew Lee’s account and a contract signed to purchase ‘Sungchan Group’ E-stock for an unimaginable amount was manipulated. Matthew Lee, who was in a position to completely lose Luca’s power, ordered Hanmone to immediately bring Save’s security program.

That night, Hanmone secretly infiltrated Save to steal the security program. However, it wasn’t long before she was discovered by Hwang Chan-seong. Han Mo-ne said to Hwang Chan-seong, “I told you to use it if I need it, right?” She said she needed a security program. Then, the sight of Hwang Chan-seong directly handing the security program to Matthew Lee, asking him to bring it to her, added to Han Mo-ne’s suspicions.

At that time, Min Do-hyuk was receiving real-time information from Medusa Geum Ra-hee. Medusa told her to delete the Children’s Home’s data before the ‘Luca’ system operates. Soon after, Matthew Lee downloaded the save security program that Han Mone had stolen into the ‘Luca’ system, and when he was notified that Lee Hwi-so had accessed it, he sent evil men after him. However, that was also Min Do-hyuk’s plan to buy time to permanently delete the Children’s Home database. Min Do-hyuk revealed to Matthew Lee that the ‘real’ Lee Hwi-so died in a bombing accident a year ago, and mocked him by saying that it was he who had played around with Matthew Lee.

Matthew Lee was not immune to Min Do-hyuk’s strangling offensive. Through a wiretapping device installed in the basement, he heard the conversation between Min Do-hyuk and Kang Gi-tak the moment they accessed the ‘Luca’ system and became aware of Medusa’s existence. Afterwards, Matthew Lee sent out invitations to a movie screening and brought all six people together. They played a video to show the movie to those enjoying the party, and Min Do-hyuk and Kang Ki-tak unexpectedly appeared on the screen. Matthew Lee had used Medusa’s voice to summon the two.

Matthew Lee played around by giving and taking away the driving rights of the car the two people were riding in, and Min Do-hyuk and Kang Ki-tak were left helpless in the rapidly accelerating car. The ‘real’ Medusa Geum Ra-hee, who was watching this, created hazy smog at the scene and rang an emergency bell, avoiding the eyes of Matthew Lee, who was enjoying the situation while wearing VR. And she left the confused five behind and manipulated Matthew Lee’s tablet to help Min Do-hyuk and Kang Ki-tak escape from the car.

Geum Ra-hee quickly wiped the fingerprints left on the tablet and finished the work without anyone noticing. “There is Medusa among you. Matthew Lee’s anger, asking, “Who is the traitor?”, along with Geum Ra-hee’s appearance of pretending to be calm among the five members, heightened her tension.

Meanwhile, Hwang Chan-sung’s mysterious actions presented an unexpected twist. The fact that he was exchanging emails with Medusa surprised everyone. His face, which was infinitely friendly to Han Monet and yet showed a meaningful smile, made people wonder about his hidden intentions. Attention is focused on Hwang Chan-sung’s true identity and whether he is related to Medusa.

(Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Star Today)

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