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(YouTube ‘Hyeri’)

Hyeri said that her life is happy and that she is a lucky person.

Jo Se-ho and Nam Chang-hee appeared as guests in ‘Hyeon’s Club Ep9’, which was uploaded on the YouTube channel ‘Hyeri’ on the 5th.

When the topic of Jo Se-ho’s marriage came up, Hyeri said, “I really wish my close friend didn’t date. I wish he didn’t get married, because we have to play together. That’s why I’m more curious about Chang-hee’s feelings than Se-ho’s feelings.” said.

In response, Nam Chang-hee said, “I’m fine. It’s fine. It’s a good thing. Sometimes Se-ho calls and asks to see me, but since I have a bride-to-be, that doesn’t happen. So I’m very comfortable,” making everyone laugh.

(YouTube ‘Hyeri’)

Jo Se-ho asked Hyeri what she was up to, saying, “What are you most excited about doing these days?” Hyeri said, “I’m similar to Changhee oppa,” and she replied, “I like it when I’m at home doing nothing.”

Jo Se-ho then asked, “How does it feel to live as Hyeri?” “Many people like Hyeri, but she must have a lot of worries of her own, so I’m curious about how it feels to live like Hyeri.”

Without hesitation, Hyeri answered “good” and laughed out loud. She joked, “When I went on You Quiz before, what was difficult for me was that I talked about what was difficult while telling my story,” and added, “Actually, I don’t have much difficulty. So I just danced.”

Hyeri expressed her gratitude to the public, saying, “I feel really lucky. (People) like everything I do.”

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