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Hyeri YouTube video capture

Singer and actress Hyeri said she is doing well without any major worries.

On the 5th, Jo Se-ho and Nam Chang-hee appeared as guests on Hyeri’s YouTube channel ‘Hwon’s Club’ and had a colorful conversation with Hyeri.

On this day, while talking to Hyeri, Jo Se-ho asked, “What do you have the most fun doing these days?” Hyeri responded, “I think I’m a little similar to Chang-hee oppa. When I’m at home doing nothing.”

In response, Jo Se-ho said, “Why did you ask? Although Hyeri is the MC today, don’t you think the friends who came to visit might ask questions?” and asked, “How does it feel to live as Hyeri? Many people like her, but don’t she have her own worries?”

Hyeri said, “Good, actually, everything was fine for me. I think I was lucky, they liked everything I did.”

Jo Se-ho, who heard this, said, “They say luck won’t come to you if you stay still,” and added, “Luck came to Hye-ri because you didn’t stay still.”

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