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The scene of pickpocketing that made Panibottle, a travel expert who has experienced all kinds of hardships, become ‘extremely angry’ is revealed.

In the 5th episode of ENA’s ‘Global World Travel 2’, which airs at 7:50 on the 6th, Pani Bottle and ‘photographer’ Gong Myung went to Ethiopia, Wonji and ‘chef’ Kim Yong-myeong went to Kenya, and ‘Chef’ Yong-myeong Kim went to India. The second round travel story of Kwak Tube and ‘Idol’ Park Jun-hyung is depicted. Unpredictable events are expected to unfold from the first day of full-scale travel with travel partners.

First, Wonji and Kim Yong-myeong visit the ‘Giraffe Hotel’, which is considered every traveler’s dream hotel, thanks to the accommodation benefits of Kenya’s ‘Nara Card’. However, something unexpected happened at the hotel door, and the production team was unable to enter the hotel and had to return. Wonji, who boasts a close relationship with the production team to the point where they are called the ‘Wonji Support Team’, cannot hide her embarrassment at the separation from them. In a situation where only Wonji and Kim Yong-myeong are impromptu and enter the ‘Giraffe Hotel’ with a camera, attention is being paid to whether the two will be able to safely capture content inside the hotel.

Panibottle and Gongmyeong set out to find a tour company to find a way to meet the Suri tribe according to the Ethiopian ‘Nara Card’ mission. Since it was Sunday and the tour companies were closed, the two people who were wandering around the streets were pickpocketed right in front of them while the cameras were rolling, shocking everyone in the studio. This is because it vividly captures how Pani Bottle became the target of pickpockets and their methods. In particular, Panibottle stimulates curiosity by saying that rather than losing money, he is extremely angry at their tactics, saying, “I let my guard down.” Panibottle, who has experienced all kinds of hardships as a travel expert, is angry and wonders about the pickpocketing tactics that even he had no choice but to fall victim to.

Kwak Tube and Park Jun-hyung, who arrived in India without any effort, receive an extreme part-time job in ‘Bollywood’. To perform part-time jobs, they first had to pass an audition. In particular, Kwak Tub, who says his dream is to become an actor, is truly committed to this mission. In the process, the two meet a famous Bollywood dance teacher who has produced thousands of students. After seeing Teacher Lee’s dance, Kwak Tube was impressed and said, “India’s JYP”, and Park Jun-hyung is also said to have acknowledged it.

It is said that during the actual class that followed, there were so many difficult movements that even 26-year-old idol Park Jun-hyung found it difficult to follow. It is said that Kwak Tub, who was serious about auditioning for ‘Bollywood’, surprised everyone by learning dance so quickly that it was comparable to that of a dance teacher. Expectations are growing as to whether Kwak Tube and Park Jun-hyung will be able to perfectly master the movements they learned from their teacher and pass the Bollywood audition.

Photo = ENA ‘Earth, Mabul, World Travel 2’

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