‘I only feel sorry for Kim Min-jae and Kane’ Munich is already in disaster… “Tuchel is a foreign body → completely divided from the team” – Chosun Ilbo VRESP

(OSEN = Reporter Go Seong-hwan) It was right to break up quickly. Coach Thomas Tuchel and Bayern Munich are headed for disaster.

Germany’s ‘Sport Bild’ reported on the 4th (hereinafter Korean time), “Irritability has arisen again surrounding Coach Tuchel. He has once again angered the club’s board of directors by publicly congratulating Leverkusen on their win.”

Bayern Munich’s challenge to win 12 consecutive Bundesliga titles was virtually defeated. On the 31st of last month, the gap with leader Leverkusen (73 points) widened further as they lost 0-2 to Dortmund in ‘Der Klassikker’. Bayern Munich, who lost to Dortmund at home for the first time in 10 years, remained on 60 points and fell behind by 13 points.

Considering that Leverkusen is undefeated in 40 games, it is nearly impossible to catch up to 13 points in the remaining 7 games. Rather, we have to worry about the pursuit of 3rd place Stuttgart (57 points) and 4th place Dortmund (53 points). This is something that Bayern Munich could not have imagined, having envisioned a rosy future by recruiting Harry Kane and Kim Min-jae. In particular, it has become difficult for Kane to escape the league despite scoring 31 goals in 27 league games.

Nevertheless, veteran Thomas Müller did not declare giving up. He did not say anything about the competition for the championship, saying, “When the time comes, I will congratulate Leverkusen.” It was a final consideration for the fans who were probably more disappointed than anyone else.

But Coach Tuchel was different. After the game against Dortmund, he said, “Now the competition for the title is over. There is no more hope for us. After this game, there is nothing more to say. 13 points difference? Congratulations to Leverkusen.” No matter how unlikely it was, it was never something the head coach would officially say.

In fact, Bayern Munich achieved a dramatic come-from-behind victory last season, beating Dortmund in the final game. In addition, Coach Tuchel’s shocking remarks could have a negative impact on the morale of players who still have more seasons to go. Bayern Munich must compete for second place with Stuttgart and Dortmund as well as the quarterfinals of the UEFA Champions League (UCL).

The club’s board of directors was also angry. Sport Bild said, “Bayern Munich’s chronic ‘bad losers’ status is ingrained in their DNA. Coach Tuchel rolling out the red carpet for his opponents runs counter to the identity of Germany’s record-breaking champions,” adding, “He has all the cameras on him.” “The way Leverkusen was added earlier once again angered many club officials who lost to a rival team at home for the first time in 10 years,” he explained.

Bayern Munich has always been a winner, and it is pointed out that they are not a team that just steps aside and applauds even when they are a loser. The media said, “The fact that Coach Tuchel irritates the club’s board is not new. Even after losing to Werder Bremen at home last January, the board thought of former coach Julian Nagelsmann.” “The club complained of helplessness internally, but Coach Tuchel publicly acknowledged this. The club was greatly shocked by this,” he emphasized.

‘Pusval Transfer’ also said, “Coach Tuchel and Bayern Munich are completely divided. He is the coach who will leave the team. This seems to have affected the relationship with the team for a long time. There are voices calling for him to be sacked immediately after his performance with Dortmund. “It’s gotten bigger again. The pros and cons are strong. The two sides have apparently actually completed their breakup, which was actually planned for the summer.”

The media then said, “It is known that there is virtually no relationship between coach Tuchel and Bayern Munich. He seems to have become a ‘foreign body’ in the team. His remarks early congratulating Leverkusen on winning the title did not receive a positive response from the club’s leadership. Currently. “The situation demands immediate dismissal,” he added.

Coach Tuchel has already confirmed that he will part ways with Bayern Munich this season. He signed a contract with Munich until June 2025, but after continued poor performance and rumors of discord among the players, he decided to end his contract a year earlier than scheduled.

Of course, he doesn’t just leave. According to Bild, coach Tuchel plans to pocket a generous severance pay totaling 10 million euros (about 14.6 billion won). Moreover, since it is not a simple dismissal but a contract termination by mutual agreement, he may be appointed to another team immediately starting in June.

The reason why Bayern Munich did not immediately sack coach Tuchel was the firefighter issue. Fusval Transfer said, “Bayern Munich’s preferred candidates for the next manager, German national team coach Julian Nagelsmann and Brighton coach Roberto De Zerbi, can only be brought in in the summer. In other words, to let coach Tuchel go, a fireman was needed. A fireman.” “Even if I found him, it would have been difficult to continue working with him in the next season,” he explained.

There were also financial worries. The media added, “Also, if the manager replacement is not successful and goes haywire, it will be a huge headache and a huge amount of money will be incurred. It’s a tricky situation.”

But in the end, Bayern Munich’s indecisive decision turned into a handshake. Rather than putting his mind together and getting closer to winning, coach Tuchel, who is ‘the one who will leave’, is only shocking us with remarks that are unbecoming of a coach. In addition, they are being criticized for mercenary tactics that are difficult to understand, such as putting Kim Min-jae on the bench instead of Eric Dier and insisting on the underperforming Leroy Sane instead of promising star Matisse Tell.

Not only Kim Min-jae and Dayot Upamecano, but also Jojua Kimmich, who had a conflict with coach Tuchel, is already embroiled in transfer rumors. For Bayern Munich, coach Tuchel’s shock wave may not end with the humiliation of being unmatched for the first time in 11 years.

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