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Suwon Samsung Kim Hyun ⓒ Sportsneers

Suwon Samsung Kim Hyun ⓒ Sportsneers

(Sportsneaers | Cheongju = Reporter Myung Jae-young) Kim Hyun saved Suwon.

Suwon Samsung played a game against Cheongju, North Chungcheong Province in the 5th round of Hana Bank K League 2 2024 at Cheongju Stadium on the afternoon of the 7th. Suwon struggled in the game that day, but won 1-0 over Cheongju, North Chungcheong Province, thanks to Kim Hyun’s winning goal in extra time in the second half.

In an interview with before the game, Kim Hyun said, “Our fans filled the stadium today as well,” and “I am always grateful, but also very sorry,” while looking at the away seats.

An amazing story soon came out. Kim Hyun said, “Actually, when I was young, I played as a member of Grand Blue at the N seat of Big Bird (Suwon World Cup Stadium). When I went to Seryu Elementary School, I went to Big Bird a lot. I wore Nadson uniform. I also really liked Sandro along with Nadson.” He said.

I also remembered Suwon’s historical moments. Kim Hyun said, “I watched the game from the N seat in the second game of the 2004 championship game against Pohang Steelers,” and “Didn’t goalkeeper Lee Woon-jae block the shot of goalkeeper Kim Byeong-ji, who took the kicker, in the penalty shootout? At the moment of Suwon’s victory, I also watched Suwon from the N seat.” “I shouted,” he said with a laugh.

As a player, this is my first season wearing the Suwon uniform, but as a soccer player, it was more than just ‘real blue.’ Kim Hyun said, “During my career as a player, I think I have seen many cases where Suwon’s opposing team players also liked something and cheered for it. Because it is such a team, the weight of responsibility is also great. It may act as a burden, but of course the players must overcome it.” He said.

I chose a new challenge this year by moving to Suwon, but there were difficulties from the beginning. Kim Hyun said, “I wasn’t able to do any winter training due to the injury. I expected it would take longer to return, but I started playing in the Korea Cup game. I joined the team sooner than expected.”

Kim Hyun continued, “I tried not to be impatient about returning just before the season,” and “After seeing the fans’ support before the opening, I wanted to help the team quickly. My expectations are growing as my body condition improves quickly.” “There is no pain at all now,” he said.

As a freshman in Suwon, what was the internal atmosphere like? Kim Hyun said, “I had a personal expectation of what it would be like before coming, but it was much better than that. Since the coaching staff and others are young, there is a lot of communication with the players and the season is being played in a good atmosphere, so I look at it positively.”

It was a personal transfer from Suwon FC, which remained in the K League 1 stage. Kim Hyun said, “Actually, if it wasn’t for a team called Suwon Samsung, I don’t think I would have come. The fact that I was playing for a team called Suwon was important. It didn’t matter whether the stage was the 1st or 2nd division. Why not just go up there myself?”

Lastly, Kim Hyun emphasized, “In the end, we don’t need everything, only the results are important,” adding, “We just need to produce the results now. The only answer is to keep accumulating 3 points and get promoted.” These words soon became reality. Kim Hyun scored a fantastic goal right before the end of the game, giving Suwon victory.

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