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Promoting legislation in the U.S.

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A so-called ‘right not to be connected’ bill is being promoted in the US state of California. The main content is that workers must be completely free from ‘work contact’ after work or on days off, and employers who violate this will be fined.

According to the Washington Post on the 3rd local time, California State Representative Matt Haney, a Democrat, proposed a ‘right to be disconnected’ bill containing these provisions.

Regarding the reason for proposing the bill, Rep. Haney said, “Smartphones have blurred the boundaries between work and home life,” and “We should be able to spend time with family without worrying about work-related responses.”

If this bill passes, all employers in California will be required to specify working and non-working hours when writing employment contracts.

When contacting an employee who has left work, the employer is subject to a fine of at least $100 per time, or 130,000 won in Korean currency. However, cases of contact for collective bargaining, emergency situations, or schedule adjustments are excluded.

Meanwhile, the California Chamber of Commerce, a local business group, opposed the bill, saying it reduces workplace flexibility. The California State House Labor and Employment Committee will review the bill and determine whether it is appropriate.

Jang Ji-min, Hankyung.com guest reporter [email protected]

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