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If your philtrum is short, you look young… Kim Song-do’s ‘philtrum reduction surgery’, how?

Reporter Shin So-young

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Singer Kim Song revealed that she underwent philtrum reduction surgery./Photo = Capture from Kim Song’s Instagram

It is commonly known that long philtrums make people look older. Therefore, people who have a long philtrum or complex in the midface may undergo surgery to reduce the philtrum. Recently, singer Kim Song (52) also attracted attention when it was revealed that he had undergone philtrum reduction surgery. On the 6th, he wrote on her social media, “Day 33 of philtrum (reduction surgery),” and uploaded several photos, showing off her youthful beauty. Learn about unfamiliar philtrum reduction surgery.

The philtrum, located between the nose and lips, may seem to occupy a small part of the face, but it is an important part that balances the top and bottom of the face and overall balance. In particular, if the central part of the face, which is the middle part of the face, is long, not only does the overall face look longer, but it also looks presbyopic. In this case, the length of the philtrum has a big influence.

Some people have naturally long philtrums, but they can also become long acquired. This is because as you age, skin elasticity decreases due to aging. Then, the philtrum and corners of the mouth sag and the upper lip becomes longer, resulting in a curled lip phenomenon. In particular, if the philtrum becomes longer due to aging, teeth may not be visible when smiling, and functional problems may occur when speaking or eating.

If you are stressed because of your long philtrum, you may want to consider philtrum reduction surgery. Philtrum reduction surgery is a procedure that corrects balance by shortening the length of the philtrum to match the overall proportions of the face. A small incision is made in the lower part of the columella so that the incision site is not clearly visible. The surgery time is approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour, and a recovery period of approximately 5 to 7 days is required. If your philtrum looks long due to thin lips, you can see improvement effects by performing filler treatment on the lip area along with an incision under the nose. Recently, many procedures have been performed to make the lips more voluminous by simultaneously reducing the philtrum and lifting the upper lip.

However, when performing philtrum reduction surgery, it is very important to find a proportion that suits your face rather than simply reducing the length of the philtrum. In addition, the philtrum is weak, so it is easy to leave scars, and in rare cases, there is a risk of side effects such as lifting the tip of the nose or sagging nasal wings. The philtrum is an area where sebaceous glands are developed, so hardening and lumping may also occur. Therefore, philtrum reduction surgery must be carefully decided through consultation with a plastic surgeon taking into account the individual’s facial characteristics and condition. After surgery, it is best to find a hospital with a professional treatment management system, such as recovery management and scar laser.

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