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‘HR Analytics Scribble’ magazine previously covered PICTORY, Plus AI in the first issue. In this second session, we would like to introduce Gamma AI, which was not covered in ‘Improving PPT work efficiency using Chat GPT’, and Notion AI, which was not covered in ‘Improving writing work efficiency using Chat GPT’.

1. Create PPT with AI: Gamma AI

Gamma AI homepage: https://gamma.app/

Gamma AI is an artificial intelligence-based presentation creation program. Gamma AI helps users leverage AI to create effective, professional presentations. Gamma AI helps deliver information in a more accessible and understandable form by suggesting optimal designs and layouts based on user input.

Additionally, Gamma AI effectively reduces the time it takes to create presentations with the help of a simple interface and artificial intelligence technology. This allows users to convey their ideas and information more efficiently and effectively. The bottom left screen is the homepage that appears when you access Gamma AI. You can easily sign up for Gamma AI by clicking (Sign up for free) in the center of the homepage and then clicking the (Continue with Goggle) button.

Unfortunately, in order to use Gamma AI’s various functions, you must sign up for a paid plan. The monthly and annual fee systems are slightly different. Annually billed plans are slightly cheaper than monthly billed plans. The plans are divided into Free, Plus, and Pro. Please refer to the screen below for detailed benefits.

The bottom screen is the main page that is activated after signing up for Gamma AI. If you click the (+New) button on that page, you can immediately start creating a presentation using AI.

Gamma AI has three ways to create presentations as follows.

1. Create: Create from notes, outlines, or existing content
2. Import Files: Create from a one-line prompt in seconds
3. Paste as text: Change or improve existing documents and presentations

The screen below is the ‘Create with AI’ screen that is activated when you click the (+New) button on the main page. As described in the box above, menu icons are presented to allow you to create a presentation by 1. Create, 2. Import file, and 3. Paste as text.

In this chapter, we will briefly look at each method and create an actual presentation using the third method, the ‘Paste as Text’ method.

The first, creation mode, is the ability to create a presentation with prompts for the entire content. As you can see in the screen below, you can select the type of result you want to create, select the amount of result, and then prompt for what you want to create to create a result such as a presentation, document, or web page.

Second, when you click File Import Mode, the screen below will be activated. There are two ways to mount files. The first is to mount files uploaded to Google Drive, and the second is to upload files directly.There is this.

In Import from Drive mode, you can upload Google Slides and Google Documents to Google Drive and then link the documents to present the content in Gamma AI. In file upload mode, you can directly mount PowerPoint PPT or Word documents for presentation. However, both modes can only present text.

Lastly, there is a way to create a presentation by directly pasting the content you want to present. Enter the content you want to create a presentation in the text input box on the bottom left screen and click the (Continue) button to activate the bottom right screen. Click (Presentation) for the results in the bottom right screen and click the (Continue) button.

When you click the (Continue) button, the prompt editor screen is activated as shown in the screen below. In this step, you can set whether to condense, preserve, or generate more based on the entered content, as well as set the maximum number of text per card, images, etc. There is also an area at the bottom where you can select the length of your presentation. You can adjust the length of your presentation by clicking the corresponding button. When you are finished adjusting the amount, click the (Continue) button.

Finally, you can decide on a theme for your presentation. As you can see at the bottom left, you can set the type of theme through the menu on the right. After setting the theme, click the (Create) button, and the presentation will be automatically created using generative AI, as you can see in the bottom right.

One of the main advantages of Gamma AI is that it gives you the flexibility to adjust the height of your slides based on the content rather than following a stereotypical format. This allows users to create more flexible and effective materials.

Gamma AI allows users to create a draft of a presentation with generative AI and then freely change the content and design. Through this, the large-scale content is written by AI, Users are responsible for detailed corrections and supplements to complete high-quality presentation materials.You can.

My first experience with Gamma AI is that the program effectively allows you to create unique and visually appealing presentations with little effort. Moreover, Gamma AI has a collaboration function, allowing collaboration with other workers during the process of creating presentation materials. If you share the URL of the prepared presentation material with the audience, the audience can leave a direct response to the material, making it a very useful function for communication. I had it.

2. Writing with AI: Notion AI


Notion is a platform for various tasks and information management. Notion allows you to manage notes, calendars, wikis, databases, etc. from one interface. Notion allows you to add and adjust various content within your page. You can also organize and organize these content pages like folders. Notion also supports collaboration features, allowing multiple users to work on documents at the same time, and allows you to work efficiently by creating custom templates.

The screen below is the Notion main screen. On the Notion AI homepage screen at the bottom left, click the (Use Notion for free) button at the top right to start signing up. You can easily sign up for Notion AI with your Google account by clicking the (Continue with Google) button on the sign-up screen.

When signing up for membership, ask ‘What do you plan to use Notion for?’ When a question appears, check Personal and click the (Continue) button to begin using Notion AI in earnest.

Notion AI also requires a paid subscription to use all features. Notion allows you to perform a variety of tasks just by using its free features. Therefore, you can try using it for free first, but if you need to use paid features, you can consider signing up for a paid service later. Please refer to the screen below for prices and features for each stage.

In Notion AI, you can easily create a homepage using templates that are saved by default. Click the (Template) menu on the left as shown in the bottom left screen. If you click the (Recruitment Page) menu among the templates, the template suitable for the recruitment page will be activated. Click the (Use Template) button at the bottom right to try using the template.

You can change the wallpaper by clicking the (Change Cover) button at the top right, and you can modify the icon to fit the recruitment page design by clicking the main gate icon.

After modifying the cover screen and main icon of the recruitment page, we requested ChatGPT to edit the text. ‘I run an HR Sass company called HR & AI Future Company. ‘Make the company’s recruitment page in the Notion recruitment page format.’We asked ChatGPT to create a Notion recruitment page directly. As you can see in the screen below, ChatGPT creates content well suited to the Notion form.

I copied the contents of the recruitment website presented by ChatGPT and copied it to the Notion AI recruitment website as shown below. Even after copying the content, you can edit and supplement the details using Notion AI’s own functions. You can activate the AI ​​function by first placing the cursor in an empty space and pressing the space bar.

As you can see in the bottom right screen, you can use various functions using AI. If you select the writing style through the menu, You can create a draft according to the nature of your writing, and you can also freely use various functions such as writing, summarizing, upgrading your writing, and correcting spelling and grammar.

In addition to using the function by entering the space bar or /, as shown above, you can also perform tasks through the six-dot icon to the left of the sentence. You can also move the block by clicking and dragging the icon. This can be used equally for all blocks, including text, photos, and videos.

If you click + next to a sentence, you can use the same function as the function created when you type /. This feature allows you to utilize a variety of functions, including text styling functions, media and database-related functions, and AI functions. A menu will be activated as shown in the bottom right, and you can use it by clicking on the required function.

You can also create subpages for the HR & AI Future Company recruitment main page. You can add subpages by clicking (+) on the right side of the HR & AI Future Company menu as shown in the screen below. When you click (+), the subpage is immediately activated and you can add content to that page. Additionally, links to lower-level pages are created in the text of the higher-level page. You can organize your page by moving the blocks around.

The screen below shows the lower page and upper page connected. The screen on the left is the top page. When you click the link in the text of HR Business Partner (HRBP), the ‘HR Business Partner (HRBP)’ subpage is activated, as shown in the screen on the right.

Notion AI is a tool that can be used in many fields, including not only recruitment pages, but also work schedule management, collaboration platform, meeting minutes, and various websites and document work. It is gaining popularity with many users due to its user-friendly interface and efficient collaboration features. Notion AI’s intuitive usage method can be easily learned with just a few tries. This makes it convenient for anyone to use. If you are considering using it, I recommend giving it a try.

In this chapter, we additionally introduced Gamma AI and Notion AI, which were not previously covered. In the next ‘HR Analytics Scribble’ magazine, several readers tried ‘Analyzing organizational culture with Chat GPT’ and commented that Jobplanet crawling did not work, so we looked into the Jobplanet crawling method again and did additional topic modeling. I would like to add and discuss related content. Thank you for reading this long article.

Gamma AI homepage, https://gamma.app/

Notion AI homepage, https://www.notion.so/ko-kr/product

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After editing the article Kim Chang-il posted on Brunch, we introduce it once more on Mobi Inside.

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