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Inside the dead mother’s stomach… Gaza fetus survives cesarean section


A baby in the womb of a Palestinian mother who died in an Israeli airstrike was barely born through emergency surgery.

The baby, who was born prematurely weighing 1.4 kg, was in a life-threatening condition, but fortunately, thanks to emergency measures by medical staff, he was stabilized.

This is reporter Lee Jun-sam.


Neonatal intensive care unit at a hospital in Rafah, southern Gaza.

The baby, who is much smaller than other newborns, is sleeping soundly.

This baby, named ‘Sabrin Judah’, was born by cesarean section to her mother who died in an Israeli bombing on the night of the 21st local time.

“The mother was already dead. An emergency caesarean section was performed to save the fetus, but fortunately the baby was saved. Thank God.”

The medical staff performed emergency measures such as blowing air into the mouth of the baby, who was barely breathing, and pounding his chest. Fortunately, the baby gradually regained stability.

However, this baby was orphaned as soon as he was born.

In this air raid, not only my mother, but also my father and older sister, who was four years older than me, died.

“Every day a new story is being written. This story does not end with the birth of a baby or the martyrdom of the mother or father. The real tragedy begins with treatment.”

Palestinian health authorities announced that two houses were hit by Israeli airstrikes overnight, killing 19 people, including 13 children and 2 women.

Israel has designated Rafah, where many refugees are concentrated, as the last bastion of Hamas and is continuing military operations.

The death toll of Gaza residents due to this war, which began in October last year and lasted more than six months, has exceeded 34,000.

This is Lee Jun-sam of Yonhap News. ([email protected])

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