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(smartPC Love = Reporter Baekhyun Lee) EFM Networks, a manufacturer of ipTIME wired and wireless routers, has increased the price of 5 types of SFP modules (SFP-MMF10G, SFP-SMF10G, SFP-MMF1G, SFP-SMF1G, SFP-UTP1G) up to 37%. % cut.

ipTIME SFP-MMF10G and SFP-SMF10G are products that support 10Gbps Data Link. The SFP-MMF10G, a multi-mode SFP module, supports 10Gbase-SR/SW transmission speed and a distance of up to 300m, and the single-mode SFP-SMF10G Supports 10Gbase-LR/LW speed and up to 10km transmission distance.

ipTIME SFP-MMF1G and SFP-SMF1G support speeds of 1.25Gbps (1Gbps) and can configure a standard gigabit network based on IEEE 802.3z, supporting transmission speeds of 1000Base-SX and 1000Base-LX, respectively. SFP-MMF1G is a Multi-Mode SFP module that supports a maximum transmission distance of 550m, and SFP-SMF1G is a Single-Mode SFP module that supports a maximum transmission distance of 20km.

ipTIME SFP-UTP1G can transmit data using an RJ-45 UTP cable and supports a transmission distance of up to 100m with a 1000Base-T Copper SFP module.

With this price reduction, SFP-MMF1G and SFP-SMF1G are 8,800 won (11% reduction), SFP-MMF10G is 15,900 won (16% reduction), SFP-SMF10G is 23,900 won (17% reduction), and SFP-UTP1G is 11,900 won. You can purchase it at (37% discount).

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