Is this the extreme point of the Earth? Antarctic temperature rises by 38.5 degrees…"Forecast of human disaster" – Nate News VRESP TODAY

Warm and moist winds from low latitudes penetrate the skies over Antarctica… “It’s something I couldn’t have imagined”
Rapid collapse of glaciers and sea ice due to global warming… Concerns about extinction of krill and emperor penguins

Is this the extreme point of the Earth?  Antarctic temperature rises by 38.5 degrees...

(Seoul = Yonhap News) Reporter Shin Jae-woo = The temperature of Antarctica, the coldest region on Earth, was observed to have risen vertically by 38.5 degrees above the seasonal average at one point, showing that Antarctica is taking a direct hit from global warming.

Not only are glaciers and sea ice melting rapidly, but krill, which supports the Antarctic ecosystem, are decreasing and emperor penguins are experiencing fatal reproductive failure, leading to an analysis that a disaster is looming for humanity and the Antarctic ecosystem.

According to the British daily Guardian on the 6th (local time), scientists at the Concordia Station in Antarctica were shocked when they confirmed that the temperature in Antarctica was 38.6 degrees higher than the seasonal average on March 18, 2022. This is because such a temperature increase is unprecedented.

“No one in the field thought something like this would happen,” said Martin Siegert, a glaciologist and professor at the University of Exeter. “We are dealing with something unprecedented.”

Professor Michael Meredith, who heads the British Antarctic Survey, said: “A huge surge like this would be bearable at sub-zero temperatures, but if the temperature rises by 40 degrees in the UK now, spring temperatures will be over 50 degrees, which would be fatal for humans.”

Scientists believe that the dramatic rise in temperatures is related to warm, moist air blowing in from low latitudes penetrating deeper into the atmosphere above Antarctica than in the past. However, it is not clear why this phenomenon occurs.

According to the Guardian, Antarctica has been sending signs over the past two years that it is rapidly succumbing to the greenhouse gases humans are emitting into the atmosphere.

Glaciers in West Antarctica are melting at an increasingly rapid rate, and sea ice floating in the sea around Antarctica is also rapidly decreasing.

A research team from the University of Tasmania in Australia concluded in a paper published last week in the Journal of Climate that “there has been a sudden, significant shift in Antarctic climate that could have implications for both the Antarctic ecosystem and the global climate system.”

Professor Sigerton also explained that Antarctica is following the Arctic, which has been hit hardest by warming on Earth. “The Arctic is currently warming four times faster than the rest of the Earth, and Antarctica is also warming twice as fast.”

According to the scientific community, the reason the Arctic and Antarctic are hit harder than other regions is because warmer oceans melt sea ice. This means that the ocean, which had been unable to see light under the ice, is exposed and sunlight cannot be reflected back to space, causing the ocean to heat up even more.

As glaciers shrink, significant sea level rise is expected within a few decades.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change believes that sea levels are likely to rise by 0.3 to 1.1 meters by this century.

But many experts argue that the risk has been underestimated.

The ecology of Antarctica is also showing rapid changes.

Professor Kate Hendry of the British Antarctic Survey explained that as algae (plants that live in the water) begin to disappear from Antarctica, krill, which serve as food for fish, penguins, seals, whales, etc., are also decreasing.

The extinction of krill is a factor that can accelerate warming as well as the collapse of the Antarctic food chain.

Algae absorb carbon dioxide, and krill eat and excrete algae. When the excrement sinks to the seafloor, it has the effect of trapping carbon in the seafloor.

Emperor penguins, which only live in Antarctica, are said to be experiencing fatal reproductive failure due to a decrease in sea ice.

Young penguins must stay on sea ice until their waterproof feathers fully grow, but the sea ice is collapsing before the feathers grow.

Researchers warn that if warming trends continue, 90% of emperor penguin colonies will disappear by the end of this century.

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