Israeli military brings 322 relief trucks into Gaza… “Highest daily rate since the start of the war” – Korean Broadcast – VOA Korean VRESP TODAY

The Israeli military announced yesterday (7th) that 322 humanitarian relief trucks loaded with food and other supplies entered the Gaza Strip, Palestine.

The Office for Civil Affairs (COGAT), a department in charge of Palestinian civilian affairs under the Israeli Ministry of Defense, announced this through social media He explained.

COGAT said that 228 of the relief trucks, or 70%, were loaded with food.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Army Central Command, which oversees the Middle East region, announced in a press release that day that it had conducted a joint operation to airdrop relief supplies to the Gaza Strip with the Jordanian Air Force at 1:10 p.m. local time.

At the same time, it was revealed that the airdropped supplies included more than 38,000 meals of food.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) Air Force also participated in the airdrop of relief supplies to the northern Gaza Strip by mobilizing a transport aircraft.

Recently, U.S. President Joe Biden said that the U.S. will continue to lead international efforts to provide more humanitarian aid by land, sea, and air, and will continue to work with Israel to expand aid by land, as well as promote airdrops and construction of a temporary dock on the Gaza coast. He emphasized that he would cooperate.

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