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Heidenheim squad/Getty Images Korea
Heidenheim squad/Getty Images Korea

(My Daily = Reporter Noh Chan-hyuk) Kim Min-jae of Bayern Munich was unable to prevent defeat by showing his worst performance in the second half of the long-awaited starting opportunity.

Munich lost 2-3 in the 28th round match against Heidenheim of the ‘2023-2024 German Bundesliga’ held at the Heidenheim Boyce Arena in Den Württemberg, Germany at 10:30 pm (hereinafter Korean time) on the 6th.

◆ Kim Min-jae returns to the Munich starting lineup after 5 games

Of course, what attracted the most attention was Kim Min-jae’s starting appearance. Kim Min-jae has been frequently on the bench in Munich recently. At the beginning of the season, Kim Min-jae solidified his position as a starting player, but recently he was relegated to a rotation resource behind Eric Dier and Matthias de Ligt. Of the last four games, Kim Min-jae has missed three games.

In this game, Kim Min-jae returned to the starting lineup. Munich used a 4-2-3-1 formation. Sven Ulreich, Dayot Upamecano, Minjae Kim, Joshua Kimmich, Serge Gnabry, Leon Goretzka, Harry Kane, Alphonso Davis, Thomas Müller, Konrad Reimer, and Jamal Musiala started as starters.

Heidenheim also responded with a 4-2-3-1 formation. Kevin Müller, Haktab Omar Traore, Patrick Maynka, Benedict Zimber, Jonas Förenbach, Jan Schöpner, Lenard Maloney, Eren Dinkcy, Adrian Beck, Jan Niklas Beste and Tim Kleindienst played first.

Bayern Munich Harry Kane/Getty Images Korea
Bayern Munich Harry Kane/Getty Images Korea

◆ Kane’s first goal broke the frustrating trend, and Kim Min-jae showed good performance in the first half.

Munich pushed Heidenheim from the beginning of the first half, but failed to produce results. Munich’s Goretzka attempted a shot in the 5th minute of the first half, but it did not result in a goal. In the 15th minute of the first half, Kim Min-jae attempted a header from a corner kick, but it was blocked by the goalkeeper.

The solution to the frustrating situation was, of course, Kane. Kane scored the first goal in the 38th minute of the first half. Minjae Kim was the starting point. Kim Min-jae passed a forward pass to Müller, and the ball went through Müller to Gnabry. Kane, who received Gnabry’s penetration pass, split the Heidenheim net with a ground ball shot.

In the 45th minute of the first half, Munich even scored an additional goal. This time, Davis and Gnabry combined to score. Davis, who received Reimer’s pass from the left side, tried to cross non-stop, and Gnabry headed the goal. In the end, Gnabry’s additional goal ended the first half with Munich leading by two goals.

Kim Min-jae appeared as a starter for the first time in five games, but he performed well in the first half of the game. He scored the first goal with a pass that became the starting point. He also played well on defense. In the 12th minute of the first half, Kim Min-jae saved the opposing attacker’s mid-range shot, and in the 33rd minute of the first half, he showed good defense to make up for Kimmich’s build-up mistake.

◆ Munich was unable to maintain a two-goal lead in the second half, and Kim Min-jae was involved in all of the goals conceded.

In the 5th minute of the second half, Heidenheim began chasing in earnest. This time, Kim Min-jae was pushed out of the header competition, providing an excuse for a make-up goal. A long pass attempted by Heidenheim Müller’s goalkeeper hit Minjae Kim’s head and flowed backwards, and Kevin Sessa, who received Marvin Piringer’s pass, scored a makeshift goal.

In the 6th minute of the second half, Heidenheim immediately tied the score. This time, Kim Min-jae’s defense was disappointing. Beste attempted an early cross from the left flank, and Kleindienst hit the ball into the space behind Kim Min-jae with his right foot inside, leading to a score. Minjae Kim completely missed Kleindienst.

Heidenheim, who continued to push Munich, eventually scored a comeback goal in the 34th minute of the second half. Kim Min-jae was also involved in the third goal. On the right flank, Heidenheim made a pass to Firinger, who had penetrated through Kim Min-jae, and Kleindienst hit the net with a left-footed shot from Firinger’s ground ball cross.

In the end, the game ended with Munich losing 2-3. Due to the loss in the game on this day, Munich was unable to narrow the point gap with first place Leverkusen, and the Bundesliga championship became even more distant. In fact, it should be considered impossible. Heidenheim jumped to 9th place with 34 points from 8 wins, 10 draws, and 11 losses.

Bayern Munich Kim Min-jae/Getty Images Korea
Bayern Munich Kim Min-jae/Getty Images Korea

Kim Min-jae, who is far from competition for the starting position, is a ‘red flag’ for UCL quarterfinals appearance

This day’s game was a chance for Kim Min-jae. Kim Min-jae, who recently lost his starting position to Dier and De Ligt, was desperate for action in this game. The first half was very good. He also blocked his opponent’s effective shot and made up for his teammate’s build-up mistake. In the first goal scene, the starting pass was successful.

However, the second half was Kim Min-jae’s worst game since his Bundesliga debut. Kim Min-jae was involved in all goals conceded in the second half. Kim Min-jae was pushed out of the header contest in the first goal, and missed the opposing attacker coming in from behind in the second goal. Even in the third run, we were unable to catch Firinger who penetrated from the second line.

Due to his performance in the game on this day, it became unclear whether Kim Min-jae would be selected to start the match against Arsenal in the first leg of the UEFA Champions League quarterfinals. Initially, coach Thomas Tuchel sent out Kim Min-jae and Upamecano to distribute the stamina of Dier and De Ligt. Minjae Kim’s competition for selection is becoming more difficult this season.

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