"It wasn’t intentional, there’s no reason to retaliate." Kim Jin-soo explains and apologizes for sending off against Jeju through SNS – Daily Sports VRESP

Jinsu Kim receiving a red card in the game against Jeju United on the 3rd. Photo = Professional Football League
Jinsu Kim, captain of Jeonbuk Hyundai. Photo = Professional Football League

Kim Jin-soo (32), captain of professional soccer team Jeonbuk Hyundai, apologized for the red card he received in the last game against Jeju United. However, the reaction of K-League fans is still cold, as Kim Jin-soo apologized to his team, teammates, and fans, not to Kim Tae-hwan (Jeju), who inflicted the price at the time.

On the 6th, Kim Jin-su said through his social media (SNS), “As a national team player and captain of Jeonbuk Hyundai, I am in a position to set an example and lead everyone, but I am upset and sorry for causing damage to the team and putting a burden on my colleagues.” “It was absolutely not like that, and there was no reason to retaliate or pay compensation,” he wrote.

He continued, “I’m sorry for disappointing my fans. I will accept everything you tell me with a generous heart and listen carefully to it and do well. I don’t think it’s natural for you to support me. “I will come to my senses first and play even more earnestly for the team I love,” he added.

Previously, Kim Jin-su received a red card and was sent off directly for an unsportsmanlike act of kicking Kim Tae-hwan in the 5th round of the Hana Bank K-League 1 against Jeju United held at Jeju World Cup Stadium on the 3rd.

At that time, Kim Jin-su attempted a cross after dribbling from the left side of the penalty box and fell while competing with Kim Tae-hwan. While he was falling, he hit Kim Tae-hwan with his foot. Kim Tae-hwan, who was hit by Kim Jin-su, collapsed and complained of his pain. In the official record sheet, it was written that he was ejected due to ‘violent behavior’.

Afterwards, Kim Jin-su’s exit scene became a source of much controversy through the community. At the time, Jeonbuk was outnumbered after Kim Jin-soo’s sending-off, and ended up conceding additional goals and losing 0-2. In a game that desperately needed a turnaround due to a draw in the opening game, there were some voices of criticism among Jeonbuk fans over the sending-off of ‘captain’ Kim Jin-soo. . This is why Kim Jin-soo explained and apologized for the exit situation at the time through SNS.

Jeonbuk Hyundai Kim Jin-su’s SNS apology. Photo = Kim Jin-soo SNS

However, despite the apology through social media, the response from fans is still cold. This is because the apology was made through an Instagram story that disappears after 24 hours, and there are some criticisms that it is not appropriate for Kim Jin-soo to apologize to his Jeonbuk colleagues or fans rather than to Kim Tae-hwan, who hit him at the time.

Due to his direct sending off against Jeju, Kim Jin-su was first suspended for two games and will miss both home games against Gangwon FC on the 7th and Gwangju FC on the 13th due to the disciplinary action. Currently, Jeonbuk is at the bottom with no wins (3 draws and 2 losses) in the opening five consecutive games. There are also ongoing predictions that he will eventually part ways with coach Dan Petrescu (Romania) due to poor performance.

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