"It’s a shitty situation right now, but I’ll keep trying!" Lingard sighs as he continues to be excluded from Seoul list – sports.news.nate.com VRESP

(OSEN=Reporter Seo Jeong-hwan) Jesse Lingard (32, Seoul) sighed as he was excluded from the K League 1 FC Seoul roster.

FC Seoul defeated Gimcheon Sangmu 5-1 in the ‘Hana Bank K League 1 2024 5th round’ held at Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 3rd.

Starting with Cho Young-wook’s first goal, Ilyuchenko exploded with multiple goals. Im Sang-hyeop and Park Dong-jin also joined in the goal scoring. Seoul won both of its wins this season at home.

However, Lingard, the hot topic player, could not be seen. This is because they were not even included in the roster for two consecutive games following the last match against Gangwon. Even though it was a Wednesday, there were 13,040 spectators, but he had to return without seeing Lingard.

Lingard, who is known to have a bad knee, was also excluded from the list in the last Gangwon match. The guard was at his residence when the game took place. Lingard posted a video of himself watching the Seoul players play on social media.

Seoul is somewhat falling short of expectations with 2 wins, 2 draws, and 1 loss since the opening. Due to the ‘Lingard Effect’, the film is enjoying huge success with tickets being sold out wherever it goes. However, the bubble is bursting as Lingard performs below expectations. Lingard, who went on a two-week vacation to England during the international break, failed to control his condition and is not even on the roster.

Lingard complained of frustration on his social media on the 4th. He posted a photo of himself training and said, “I won’t lie. This fucking situation is overwhelming. But I will keep trying.”

It is a self-mocking expression of the situation in which one cannot play because his body does not follow his mind. He knows very well how much expectations Korean fans have for him. I want to show the might of a ‘Premier League player + England national team’ in Seoul, but I’m not in shape right now. Still, Lingard’s return appears imminent as he resumes training on grass.

Lingard said, “I have no choice but to accept the current situation and let go of the past. “She must keep having faith,” she told herself.

Fans said, “Lingard, you will be the core of Seoul. “I’m rooting for you”, “I hope you score your debut goal against Daegu”, “Thank you even if you just stay in Korea. He sent warm cheers saying, “Don’t get hurt.” / [email protected]

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