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Star News Reporter Park Jae-ho | 2024.04.07 20:39

Son Heung-min (32) is expected to achieve ‘what he says and what he wants.’

Britain’s ‘Team Talk’ reported on the 7th (Korean time), “Coach Postekoglou approved the signing of Werner, which surprised him. This increases the possibility of Werner being fully recruited.”

Werner moved on loan from Leipzig to Tottenham through the transfer market last winter. He has appeared in a total of 11 games, recording 2 goals and 3 assists. He scored his debut goal for Tottenham in round 27 against Crystal Palace early last month and then followed it up with back-to-back goals in round 28 against Aston Villa next month. In the 31st round against West Ham, he assisted Brennan Johnson’s first goal.

The media commented, “Werner moved to Tottenham and performed well, recording 5 attack points. He is receiving praise for his ability to not only penetrate but also attack the last line of defense.” He then explained, “If this German national team player does not shine again in the EPL, he will have to return to his hometown Leipzig at the end of this season.”

European transfer market expert Fabricio Romano recently revealed that he hopes Werner will make a permanent transfer to Tottenham. The media reported, “While Tottenham was contemplating whether to allow Werner’s complete transfer, Coach Postekoglou first expressed his desire to recruit him.”

As Werner gradually establishes himself in Son Heung-min’s original position as a left-wing attacker, Coach Postekoglou is also heaping praise on him. In particular, Son Heung-min left Tottenham to participate in the 2023 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Qatar Asian Cup from January to early February. During this period, Son Heung-min was unable to appear in Tottenham’s five official games, and Werner filled the void well.

When Werner scored his EPL debut goal last month, Coach Postekoglou said, “Werner is an important part of our team. If he had not arrived in the winter transfer window in January, it would have been a burden for us. In particular, Son Heung-min will be absent due to his participation in the Asian Cup. “It was a great help to me,” he said.

He continued, “As soon as I hired Werner, I put him in the game right away. Werner was not a prospect, but he had to immediately help the team. He has proven this, but he needs to show more. He is training hard and his performance is getting better.”

Coach Postekoglou said, “Excluding the goal in the last game, he showed his best performance since the transfer. In particular, it is a great help to Brennan Johnson and Klusevski. If Werner had not come to Tottenham, the burden on them would have been greater.” .

According to the British ‘Football London’, coach Postekoglou said in a press conference before the 31st round with West Ham, “A decision on whether to recruit Werner will be made at the appropriate time, like other players. I think the signing of Werner is great.” “I think I did it. He plays an important role in the team and I expect him to improve further.”

Tottenham captain Son Heung-min also attracted attention by publicly saying about Werner, who has become a reliable attack partner, “I want to play with him next year as well.” Son Heung-min plays as a front-line striker, and Werner plays as a left wing forward. On the 3rd, the British Evening Standard reported, “Son Heung-min wants Tottenham to sign Werner, who is having a positive loan life.”

The media said, “Werner’s fast speed and linear movements have become a threatening card for Coach Postekoglou to utilize. Coach Postekoglou also wants to completely recruit Werner from Leipzig.” According to the media, if Tottenham wants to permanently sign Werner this summer, it will cost a transfer fee of 15 million pounds (about 25.5 billion won).

Son Heung-min said, “The role of Werner and Johnson is very big and important in the way our wingers approach the game. They understand each other and are playing excellently.”

“When Werner first came to Tottenham, he seemed to have lost a bit of confidence. But now his confidence has increased and he is playing more comfortably and easily. As I always say, Werner is the top scorer in the Bundesliga and is scoring more goals and assisting for the team. “I expect it to be given,” he said.

Son Heung-min expressed his hope that Werner would remain at Tottenham. He said: “I always want to make good friends and colleagues. But there are no guarantees in football and the club will make the decision. I think Werner will want to stay at Tottenham.”

“I want to help Werner make better choices as a player. This is the role of a teammate,” he said. “We will see what happens after the season. I hope Werner stays.”

The media said, “Son Heung-min is confident that he can achieve ‘something special’ under coach Postekoglou.” Son Heung-min was confident, “We are pouring everything into it. We can create something special with the coach now.”

This is not the first time Son Heung-min has praised Werner. When Werner scored his debut goal in the English Premier League (EPL) against Crystal Palace in March, he said, “Palace played down the line in the first half. You can see that the tactic worked until the beginning of the second half. But we only had one chance. “It would have been better. Werner took advantage of the opportunity and scored the equalizer.”

When the host asked if he was happy about Werner’s first goal, he said, “I’m really happy. Werner is a really hard-working guy. He will score more goals in the future,” but joked, “If he had scored in the first half, it would have been an easier game.” did.

Son Heung-min emphasized that Werner has the ability to score more goals. He said, “If I miss a good chance, I feel like the world has turned against me. But Werner did not give up and showed a fantastic move. Fans are expecting more goals from Werner. Therefore, Werner is not satisfied with this goal and wants to score more goals. “I hope I score a goal,” he said.

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