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(OSEN=Reporter Ji Hyeong-jun) “It’s crazy.”

The moment I cut through the net, I got goosebumps. It was the most thrilling goal.

The main character is Jeon Byeong-gwan from Jeonbuk.

The 2024 Hana Bank K-League 1 8th round match between FC Seoul and Jeonbuk Hyundai held at Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 20th.

5 minutes into the second half when the score was tied 2-2.

Jeonbuk Kim Jin-su crossed with his left foot from the right side. Jeon Byeong-gwan flew up and struck the Seoul net with a fantastic overhead kick.

It was the debut goal for Jeonbuk by Jeon Byeong-gwan, who transferred from Daejeon Hana Citizen this season.

Jeon Byeong-gwan clenched his fists and jumped up vigorously, kissing the emblem and sharing his joy with the away fans.

Acting manager Park Won-jae, the coaching staff, and fellow players also cheered what was considered the best goal of the season.

In particular, Song Min-gyu held his head in disbelief at Jeon Byeong-kwan’s wonder goal and announced the birth of a star by lifting Jeon Byeong-gwan.

In the game, Jeonbuk won 3-2 over FC Seoul thanks to Jeon Byeong-gwan’s winning goal. Jeonbuk, which has won two games in a row, has laid a solid foundation for chasing the top rankings again.

In an interview after the game, Byeong-gwan Jeon said, “I’m so happy to win. I’m glad that I was of some help to the team. “I will try my best to help the team by appearing in the next game,” he said.

Regarding the wonder goal scene, Jeon Byeong-kwan said, “After the set piece, the opponent’s defense was not well maintained during the second ball. So (Kim) Jin Soo-hyung crossed very well, but I was not confident in the header, so I think I used my feet and it went well,” he said with a humble smile.

“Actually, I think this is the goal of my life. He commented on the goal, saying, “I think I will be able to continue watching it on video rather than watching it in person after it’s over,” and added, “I’m thankful that my brothers congratulated me so warmly.”

Acting manager Park Won-jae said with a smile, “Jeon Byeong-gwan is always a good player. I can feel his form improving a lot since the Gangwon match. But I think he will be of great help to the team with this wonder goal.” /[email protected]

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