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(Sports Reporter Lee Woo-joo) While ZE:A’s Children recently announced their marriage, they declared a strong response to rumors related to their marriage.

On the 8th, Moon Joon-young declared, “We will respond strongly without leniency to the communities with personal IDs and anonymity, including malicious comments, distribution of false facts, and posts currently circulating on the Internet, according to the zero tolerance principle.”

Moon Jun-young said, “Under the current circumstances, we inform you of the above-mentioned measures to be taken when unconfirmed photos and text are distributed regarding wedding articles containing the word Moon Jun-young, or when unauthorized posts are made and distributed without the consent of the person involved.” He added, “Additional words ZE: Including A (Children of Empire). If you are aware of the perpetrator who has been spreading and abusing all unconfirmed DM and KakaoTalk content that has been previously posted or that has been published since the wedding article, please send us a DM.”

He continued, “Unconfirmed aggro image files are being spread mercilessly. In this situation, which you all consider only gossip, we respectfully inform you that all unconfirmed facts and highly anonymous communities are also being monitored. “We sincerely ask for your cooperation,” he added.

Meanwhile, Moon Joon-young recently said, “I have finally met the person I thought I would marry, a real woman. Her birthday is in September, and I will greet her as a beautiful bride and groom in September, as her life started with 9 people.” The news of the marriage was announced directly. Moon Jun-young’s bride-to-be is from the entertainment industry, and the two became husband and wife after two years of dating. Moon Jun-young, who becomes the first married man of ZE:A’s children, expressed his still friendship with his members by saying, “Members! I’m going first. Keep your promise. Didn’t you forget that you decided to congratulate the first member to get married?” did.

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Below is the full text of Moon Jun-young’s article:

It was a warning so far, high school students.

Now, I’m just going to tell you the truth.

hello present

floating around on the internet

Against personal ID and anonymity communities, including malicious comments, distribution of false facts, and posts

We will respond strongly without leniency in accordance with the zero-tolerance principle.

Current situation

When distributing unconfirmed photos and text about a wedding article containing the word “Moon Jun-young” (including various SNS such as We will notify you of the above-mentioned measures upon distribution. + Additional word ZE:A (Children of Empire) included.

As of 13:48 PM, currently posted or currently in Korea time

Even now, all unconfirmed DM and KakaoTalk content that came out after the wedding article is being spread.

If you know the abuser, please DM us.

Unconfirmed aggro image files are spreading mercilessly.

In this situation, which many of you consider only gossip, we would like to inform you that all unconfirmed facts and highly anonymous communities are also being monitored, and we sincerely ask for your cooperation.

-EXA Entertainment Co., Ltd.

Lake Entertainment CEO ZE:A (Children of the Empire) leader Moon Jun-young compensates –

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